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In terms of actual baking quality for cup cakes, a deck oven will outperform most convection ovens. The better decks are programable, but you will pay for this function. Personally I would go with plain-jane deck ovens. Figure out what your ideal setting is, and then leave it there. You can put the ovens on timers, so they fire up at a certain time, and more importantly, issue each baker with a "crucifix", a cheap electronic timer they wear around their neck. Don't...
I'm scratching my head here. You've been in negotiations since last Nov. and the date is only two months away? AND they want a custom menu? A vulgar but true expression would be "(defecate) or get off the pot" . Personally I would tell them they need to book before X, or we can't commit to the date. Sorry, and all that, but we have a business to run. You can't charge an admin fee if you don't get their Visa #. Sure, you can bill for the time, but they'll just...
Model? Basically you don't want any gravity coil type systems. Next, shelving. Tempered glass is ideal. Wire shelving belongs with flared Levis and 8 track stereos. Doors: you'll be sliding these open a thousand times a day, are they robust? Easy to slide? You'll curse at doors that are hard to close. d.a. m.h.i.k.t. Lighting: l.e.d. Is best, it doesn't put put any heat, which makes sense for a refrigerated cabinet. Compressor. Usually the better models have a 5...
Hi Guy, No the belt won't "give in". The belt only carries the mass to and from the rollers. It is the rollers that do the compressing, and these are serious hunks of nickle plated steel--they won't give in or deform. Hope this helps
No, it's not.  Its a method for flavouring, as well as a method for preservation. Just because bacon is smoked, doesn't mean you can eat it.  I've smoked a lot of chicken breasts, but I still had to cook them afterwards
Thanks Brian, finally someone who will post on this site what procedures should be taken to sanitize a wood board.
Nicko or Phatch: I think its about time to wrap this one up. The last thing I want is a case of food poisoning, and the cook explaining that he didn't need to sanitize a cutting board because he read somewhere on the internet that you didn't have to.
Let me guess, you're at your home computer now, and this is the response you promised? The question was, how would YOU sanitize a wood cutting board that had high protein items processed on it? You've avoided this question enough for everyone to draw their own conclusions about you, and your opinions.
Try a kitchen gadget store. They usually have those "pump and spray" bottles that are meant for spraying olive oil and the like. What do you want to spray?
FYou're squirming, aren't you?You can type out snarky response well enough, but you can't tell us how you would sanitize a wood cutting board?You're fun to play with!
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