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I think now's the time to hit up the sales rep for some kind of compensation, I dunno, maybe an extra set of belts or a scraper assembly or something.....
What Capecod says... And don't let "them" install soap dispensers in your bathrooms either. If you do, you HAVE to use their special soap-in-bag because nothing else will fit. For me a 2ltr jug of Jergens anti bacterial hand soap is dirt cheap, and I can buyit where I like. I buy my d/w chemicals from a broadliner or a restaurant supply house, and cleaning supplies from janitorial suppliers or Home Despot
Actually, this has a lot to do with the lousy wages in the hospitality industry. Lets look at the quote above:  In other words, even if the worker doesn't "join" a Union, s/he still has to pay the union dues.  As a cynical old fart,I know these dues are garnisheed from each and every paycheck, and most unions charge a straight fee regardless if f/t or p/t.  Now, some people may use an analogy of a pig at a trough.  Wrong. The fatter the pig, the more the farmer can sell it...
Hi TVB, I think ChefBillyB has the best advice for this situation: Hire a caterer. They quote on price per person, and will let you focus on planning the actual event. But even then you have to ask yourself why the club is throwing the whole mess in your lap when you have no kitchen experience. It just doesn't smell right.
Gordon Ramsay was born in Scotland, Edinburough, I believe.  He only moved to England in his mid teens
Well, yes, that's exactly WHAT I've been saying.  Thing is ,you need regulations in place before this can happen. You need: -A qualification/benchmark for cooks that tells us what they should know and what they should be capable of-A qualification/benchmark for servers that tells us what they should know and what they should be capable of Once this is done, you can actually have a salary range based on qualifications And once that is done, you can do away with this 20%...
Lesson 1: When you do the menus and do the ordering, you are ultimately responsible for the food cost. Are you ready for this responsibility?
If you still have untouched puff, open it up like a book and fold the scraps in, close it up, and roll out as per normal
Hi Jake, The thing with the Euopean model is that they have qualifications, for cooks, for bakers, butchers, and yes, waiters too. Its usually a two year apprenticeship for servers. In other words, the industry is regulated, not only for the trades, but for restauranteurs as well, you need a license for this, and this means aprox. 3-4mths of courses and exams. In N. America any idiot can open a restaurant and this is a major part of the problem Sooner or later you...
Uh Jake, everything made sense up to the part about NOT changing the culturally engrained tipping system. As a Canuck, I understand that the US is divided into right to work states, and non roght to work states. The right to work states have "tipping wages" which can be as low as $3/hr. So the question is, who lobboed for tipping wages, and what went through the minds of politicians when they decided it was "ok" to ignore minimum wage?
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