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Yeah, I hear you.  The way I've dealt with phone usage in the workplace is to inform each and every staff to keep their phone in their locker. What they do on their breaks and lunch time is their business, but no phones in the kitchen.  Emergencies at home can be dealt with via the landline in the office.  About 10% of my hires challenge this rule, and my response is always the same: drop their shifts to 8 hrs a week and watch them leave....   Meh... I "grew up" in the...
Maybe I should feel old, sad, or depressed, but I don't.     I have the biggest, smuggest, sh*t-eating-grin on my face,  and can honestly tell you that I have never owned a cell phone, and have no intentions of ever doing so.  
I don't understand..... Are you saying that anyone under the age of 25 has no choice, and has to be bonded with electronics from the womb until death?
I can do an int'l money oder (us$ ) for that amount if you like Edward
Gibt es immer noch "seite 3"?.....
I might as well come out in the open and say it: I hate low temp d/washers Why? -They need 3 chemicals:Soap, rinse aid, and sanitizer, high temps only need the soap and rinse aid   -They don't get hot enough to deal with greasy stuff effectively   -Dishes come out p*ss warm, not hot, so they will take longer to dry.   -Sanitizer is highly corrosive and will need the lines and dispenser hanged out more frequently   That being said, most health inspectors don't...
Looks like a stencil was laid on the cake, some kind of coloured cocoa butter or colouring sprayed directly on the cake,and a clear gel glaze poured on top
I dunno, lousy service and representation is one thing, but the thought of someone driving a 10 ton truck around sh*t faced scares the hell out of me.  I really think an anonymous phone call to the cops from a "concerned citizen" with a description of the truck would be in order. 
Anyone in Wash. State?  Maybe Nicko could send you one, and I could pay for postage to Vancouver (in US$ or chocolate, your preference).  I'd like to toast my 4,000th post in one of those mugs....   Edward
Hi Toshibaa.....   Like the others have said, 45-50 hrs a weeks is pretty good.   If you were to run your own pastry shop, a 45 hr week would only have two causes:   1) Physical health would only allow to work those hours 2) Lack of business would allow you to work those hours     From your description, I gather the job is a ho-hummer and kinda boring, I get that, and understand you wanting to try something more challenging.   From my personal experience,...
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