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And the dish washer and everyone around me at work. Thats my inspiration. Those of you who admire these TV chefs are kidding yourselves. (really) Don't you ever wonder where they get all thier info, research teams of course! You don't think they come up with this stuff on thier own, do you? OHHHHHH!!!!! Was I ranting. I'm just mad cause I don't have my own show. :mad: ;) No, really though, I admire Alice Waters (very aclectic women and chef). But my all time favorite...
Wow! Sounds good to me. Is this "make a space" or will you have access to the kitchen? If it's make a space than leave as much hot foods as possible. that way you can aleaveate your overhead by cutting rental cost.
It's not the melting. It's the fact that it is a wedding with white dresses, rental dresses, tuxedos, kids with thier Sundays best. Just not a good idea. How about a fruit bar or a salad bar and chips and dip. You got to know cheap people almost always have lots and "lots" of booze. So chrunchy and filling stuff should be in order.
Try a wet rag. From the bottom of the stem work your up by pinching the stem with the rag. All the outer stems should be even enough that you can cut the leaves from the outer stems and, thats it!!
Much respect CC, remember the "green bean incident". Congrats, Sir
Welcome to Have fun.
Welcome to, have fun.
Don't do it!!!!!!
Sounds like a waist of time and energy to get so worked up over "nothing". And the ice cream bit at a wedding, HHMMMMM, probibly not a good idea.
:eek: $1000 for 70 people. OOUUCH!!!!!!! Sounds like a chicken finger cool aid time to me. You know what the bird says!!!!
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