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I remember the gnocchi scene in Godfather III. I can't seem to get the perfect shape to save my life.
I agree with Jim. Its can be uncomfortable, but that guy needs to be barked at. Washing your hands should be second nature in a kitchen. I mean, come on, we are touching peoples food. As far as dropping food on the floor and using it, thats just plain unacceptable. Nice guy or not, the guy is wrong.
Divorce sucks, but, sometimes necessary. Hey, if you need a job, I will be hiring some crew members in a couple of weeks.
Respect, you have to give it to get it. Its not something just given , it is earned. I have worked for those older chefs who treat everyone under them like subhumans, and expect everyone to bow to them because they are the "chef". The respect thing is reciprocal. If you treat someone disrespectfully, expect it back.
I am looking to source locally.
I got a call from my sysco rep about the outbreak in the middle of lunch. After I had served salads containing bagged spinach. I am a little freaked out about this. Does anyone have a link to more info on this?
In my experience, the sous is working just as hard as the line cooks. They are on the line during the meal service slamming it out just like the line cooks. Now in your place it might be different. The sous should be the chefs right hand person and do what they say.
I know exactly what you mean. I have been divorced for three years after a ten year marriage. And yes the biz was a big factor in our marriage failure. And everytime I start dating someone, she gets mad about my work schedule. They all think its great that I can cook and make fabulous meals for them,but they don't understand the dedication and time we have to put into our careers. I have heard this one many times, "Can't you get just this one Saturday night off?" or...
I agree with Panini, get out. You have a history with this guy and its not good.
working dirty, being late, not wrapping stuff at the end of the night, leaving dirty pots, pans, etc for the day crew. Basically, being a lazy idiot.
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