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Is it just me or does anybody else hear fingernails scratching on a blackboard when somebody calls spaghetti "noodles"? Maybe it's my Italian heritage and the area where I am but spaghetti is spaghetti, any other shape is macaroni and the stuff that you make lasagna with is pasta sheet or strips, not noodles.   When you make chicken soup then you use noodles.   And yes, I know these are all pasta but that's also overused by people who want to sound sophisticated. 
 I totally agree, and these are family and friends who like to cook. Thanksgiving day: "Would you carve the turkey for us?" Sure, if you give me something better than a dinner knife.
 Good God! The internet as it has become a vast wasteland of amateurs and idiots giving advice to people who believe everything they see and hear on it. The last thing we need is an easier way for them to publish their garbage.
 Yes, that's what I have to do. And like I said, now we are back to watching the video on You Tube which is what the forum rules prohibit.
I think I see what's happening. The text in the posts wraps around the column on the right. You will notice that with long threads, if the text goes below the bottom of the right column the text will fill the whole page and go all the way to the right margin. So the text can wrap but an embedded video won't, hence the right side is cut off. So this is really a problem with the forum software. Embedded videos frames could be made smaller.
Problem with embedding is that the right 1/4 is cut off and I cannot go full screen because I can't get at the full screen button. Maybe it's Firefox, anybody else? So what I wind up doing is copying the video URL then going to it in a new tab which takes me back to what you don't want the OP to do in the first place. At least then I have the full width and can go full screen.
I don't know why the focus on these things. What about menus and condiment containers? Nothing new here, they all should be wiped down along with the table top each time the table turns over.
I agree. What do you see him doing wrong?
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