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Same thing with take-out, had that argument with my wife recently. She insists that you should leave a tip. For who, the person who answered the phone?
 This and a million other reasons is why I recommend that everybody tear the California page out of their Hagstroms.
Those 4 pound breasts certainly help.
No, I don't think there are chickens genetically engineered to grow extra legs. My thinking is that many breasts are not acceptable for consumption as is for various reasons, one being tough or rubbery. I would think those would be processed into ground chicken that would be used as is or further processed into chicken nuggets, etc. That would explain the disproportionate number of wings, legs and thighs.
I'm not sure that an engine lifter will go that high. Can you get a forklift in there? Best bet is to hire a rigging company to do it for you.
Dunno about that, I think it's the other way around. Many Millennials grew up not doing anything manual (except texting). They were taught working with their hands is for the unskilled lower class. So it stands to reason cooking is not their forte. The marketing folks just went where the money is.
The way I see it cell phones have become an addiction and many users are just like drug addicts who will risk their life and freedom for a high. They don't know what life is like without them. Like with other addictions, reasoning and common sense won't work. If you forbid their use they would rather quit than go "unconnected".   You need to have a clear cell phone policy in place that everybody agrees to, either when hired or put in place when you recognize there is a...
I forgot to add that you need also to be paying him to either lease or rent the space you need.   I forgot about your original question on pricing. After you take all of what you have to do to be a legal independent contractor then you need to do the numbers to see what volume you need to produce and what you need to charge to make a profit. My suspect that it will he who will be making a few cents on each croissant.
That's good but you still would come come under the IRS radar. You need to order and pay for your own supplies. And you definitely have to have other clients besides him. You also need to have your own company set up- (sole proprietor, LLC, sub S) with insurance, tax ID, - whatever is required where you are operating.
I'm surprised you found somebody willing to lend you money. Here in the states you will have a real tough time finding a lending institution that will lend to a food service business. And those are businesses that have been in business and are run by someone with experience. If you are a startup and have zero experience like you- ain't no way. I know leasing companies that won't lease equipment to restaurants of any kind.   Food service has to be the riskiest type of...
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