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I think she's asking what you can use the meat for after you've used it to make stock.
Mmmm yeah. If it's a mechanical part you shouldn't have any trouble because you can see what you are getting. But if it's an electrical item, like a controller I would buy new from Hobart.
Look for used restaurant equipment companies that buy up equipment from businesses that have closed.   As for parts, I assume you are talking about repair parts. Really, the only place to get them is from Hobart or a company that services Hobart.
That's often the case.
Just for the record I hate electric. You definitely need to get used to it and if you are using your old pans that worked fine with gas they probably now heat unevenly. Switch to stainless with a heavy, flat clad bottom and see if that helps.
Take a look here- http://www.cheftalk.com/t/80457/best-deep-fryer-for-home-use
Just a bit of information. Actually at least two 20 amp circuits have been required in residential kitchens since the 50's. So unless your house is very old you should be OK. Easy enough to check your circuit breaker panel to see what supplies the kitchen counter receptacles. As for the 15A plug, some electricians install 15A receptacles on 20A circuits in kitchens and that's OK to do but it would cause problems with something like that fryer if it had a 20A plug. So to to...
Sorry, no experience with them but I have also been considering one. I would say that the higher the wattage the faster the recovery. 1800 watts is the most you will find in a 120 volt fryer, the Waring WDF1000 is 1800 watts. One review said that the plug burned up which isn't surprising since 1800 watts puts it at 15 amps, too much for a 15 amp circuit. (Not dangerous if you do but it will probably trip the breaker after awhile.) So make sure you plug it into a 20 amp...
Losing an arm was a gross exaggeration but things happen even with the best of us. I'm sticking to my story though- you can't have someone sign away their rights. If something like that was valid why not just have every employee sign a waiver and forget about insurance?   Like I said, if you want legal advice ask an attorney.
Take your pick- http://www.webstaurantstore.com/14389/electric-countertop-fryers.html
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