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Define "outside". Is it out in the open or under a tent? Temporary or permanent? BBQ or what? Professional or private?   In all cases I have never heard of a hood BUT instructions for the equipment being used as well as common sense should be followed. It's not a good idea to grill burgers and steaks under a tent that will fill with smoke and choke your guests. If this is a professional gig, the fire or building department will want to look around see that you have...
It's Chicken Parmesan.   I fry in a pan with some oil then finish in the oven.
I would say so. Freehand takes a lot of practice even with the right equipment. I'm fortunate enough to be within traveling distance of a knife service. I bring a bunch of knives to them on a regular basis and they sharpen them while I wait. They have machines with a 3 foot diameter by 4" wide stone, very fine grit and a continuous stream of water. Walking through their shipping and receiving department on the way in and looking at names on the boxes, they must service...
The quickest way I know of to destroy a knife is with a bench grinder. Too fast and too hot. The second fastest way is with one of those sharpening things.   I once gave a bunch of wood chisels to my local hardware store to be sharpened. I could have done it myself but they were many and pretty beat up but they were good quality chisels. Guy at hardware store says they send them out. When I got them back they were worse than when I gave them to them. Burned, dull,...
That bloody juice is from the brining. LOL! Get in there with your hand and some paper towel and clean it out.
Doesn't matter. In fact there is probably less of a necessity to wash the parts. If your chicken is that "skunky" you need to look for a better source.
The health department warned us against washing chicken. Great way to spread bacteria all over the area and you. Just clean out the cavity with paper towels and pat the outside dry. That's all you have to do.
Is it just me or does anybody else hear fingernails scratching on a blackboard when somebody calls spaghetti "noodles"? Maybe it's my Italian heritage and the area where I am but spaghetti is spaghetti, any other shape is macaroni and the stuff that you make lasagna with is pasta sheet or strips, not noodles.   When you make chicken soup then you use noodles.   And yes, I know these are all pasta but that's also overused by people who want to sound sophisticated. 
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