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Peter Reinhart discuses the production of  leuconostoc bacteria in The Bread Bakers Apprentice.  This infects sourdough starters and generates a lot of CO2 gas.  It also causes odors.  Could this be the cause?
Nobody had a party this past weekend?
I cure my own just because I can. I don't think it is any cheaper and takes time.  Here is a pan of sliced corned beef ready to use.  Also a picture of last nights Rubens.
I did not take any pictures.  I put the beef in a hotel pan added beer and spices.  Covered tightly and put in a 350 oven.  After two and a half hours I removed it to add vegetables.  The meat was just over 200 so I removed it and held added vegetables, after 45 minutes  I returned meat and added cabbage turned oven down to 250 held for about 1 hour to serve.  It was very good with a gravy made with the braising liquid.   I use a thermometer for almost every meat for...
Welcome to Cheftalk,  The order would depend on the composition of the dish. 
Thanks, I never salt any broth.  That should be done with the final dish.  I like salt but my Dr. told me to quit thirty years ago because of blood pressure.
Thanks Brian I learned something.  I think of bunch beans as the ones served now days just heated through.  Pole beans are flatter and cooked in bacon drippings until well done, these also have some shelled mixed in and called shelly  beans. any tea on ice no sugar. Tomatoes Red, yellow, or purple?
Thanks for the answers they are all good and confirm the plan.  I have a whole brisket I trimmed and separated into two pieces the flat and the point.  I have had them brineing for seven days.  I will put them in to braise in Guinness and beef broth with a mirepoix and spices for 3 hours.  At that point I will check meat temp and fork feel, add carrots, potatoes. celery. after forty five minutes add cabbage and check for seasoning.  I will slice point to serve for supper...
Do you have a liquor license? I like Chef Billy's method.  Don't forget the tip
A topic that is often discussed on this site is education vs. on the job training in the kitchen.  As a highly educated person your perspective would be interesting.
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