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Cbtting boards should be washed rinsed and sanitized after each use according to ServSafe.  If the board will absorb oil it will absorb bacteria.
When working with governments sometimes it helps to give a percentage discount for prompt payment.  Net 30 days less five percent 10 days.  Put the discount in the price up front,
Sorry the way I read your post I thought you did not know if it was 28 or 35.  Why do you have such a difference in food cost from month to month?  It might be fun to graph out monthly food costs and events.
Food cost between 28 and 35 percent and you are doing a million a year? That is 70000 dollars a year unaccounted for.  If I were the GM I would say get your pencil and paper and figure out where the money is going.  Food cost too much work, what were you hired for setting pins?
 Grits and polenta are not the same.  Grits are made from hominy. For Shrimp and grits I use shrimp stock as the liquid base for the gravy.  Red eye gravy is made by pan frying country ham then adding just a little sugar to the pan drippings and deglaze with strong black coffee.  This is served over biscuits or grits.
A little Salmon Roe will add color and a depth in flavor.
One more day to participate.  Send in an entry.
If it will make you feel better go get some manteca and use instead of oil.  Shortening has little enough trans fat the label lists 0 g. .
I like to put the egg in a dish and gently add it to the simmering slightly acid water.  I then will gently turn it over.  I dry if using or place in an ice bath for later service.
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