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The instantpot is a pressure cooker.  I looked it up .  It's a lot different than my avocado green presto. 
Welcome to cheftalk.  Did an instruction book come with the appliance?  Try using a cheaper tougher cut than a tenderloin.  Cook the meat first with a little brasing liquid then add vegetables and cook.  I use a very old pressure cooker and am not familiar with new bells and whistles.  Good luck.  
here is one thread that you can view.  If you use the search you can find several relevant threads.  In the long run ether school will work.  After graduating from a culinary program the student will then start to learn on the job.  Good cooks and bad cooks graduate from both.  I believe a strong general education and business are important.  Good luck.   
What is "it" ?
Put someone in charge on your day off.  Make sure everyone understands that person is in charge.
Sorry about the double picture.  I had trouble on the uploads.
This is a good look at frying oils.
I tried a new one to me yesterday.  I like to make a Queso dip using Ro-Tel tomatoes and cheese.  Yesterday I used wine, sodium citrate, and sharp aged cheddar to make the cheese sauce.  I added the tomatoes and some browned chorizo and it turned out good.  I held it for about thirty minuets before serving and it did not crack.  I had some leftover and put it in the refrigerator and took it out a couple of hours later and reheated in the microwave with good results.  Here...
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