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"Grab ur balls" ? I hope you washed your hands afterwords. Spelling, good language, and proper writing come with study.  These skills are needed to communicate with employees, vendors, management, and customers,   
You are looking for cooks.  Qualifications help people being leaders.  If your starting your own business banks and investors want qualifications.  They don't care if you held a line cook job for twenty years.
This comment is meant to be constructive.  I had to do a video for a marketing class.  The instructor gave me an A with the comment it would be much better if I hired a professional video person.  You are asking a question  to a crowd of cooks, maybe you should ask a video producer.  Also my question is who is your target market.  This crowd  could teach us all something about basic cooking.  If I am going to spend my time watching a video I want to learn something I don't...
I still think a troll is something you watch for under the bridge.
Welcome to cheftalk.  Do you have a business plan?  What do you base your income on?  Is all the equipment working?  Who fixes it when it breaks?  Do you have capital to open and operate for 2 years?
Thanks for letting us know how it came out.
Chef Brah, you are to young to have such a cynical approach to food.  It may be from living in NYC.  Rating systems are to set standards for a type of establishment and type of food.  Travel the world or at least the US and you will find a lot of good food.  Not necessarily fancy food but great food served by great cooks.  A lot of these are better tasting than Michelin rated dishes.  It is just like the network stars and celebrity chefs food some is good and some is not. ...
How about cooking lessons for the seniors....something simple Depending on the size of your crowd and staff to help, they love ice cream sandwiches. Bake off a ton of cookies and bring tub of ice cream into dining room. Make sandwiches quickly   As a senior I wonder why we have to keep it simple we are old not stupid.  My friends that are in a institution would love the ice cream sandwich idea.  They could all go out back get stoned, get the munchies, and hit the ice...
Coleman has worked for me for many years.
Welcome to Cheftalk.  You might put this in a baking forum.  To answer the question we would need much more information.  Size, volume, and local requirements.  I would suggest you hire a consultant or another baker to help you with equipment needs. 
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