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Welcome to cheftalk.  Just remember you don't know as much as you think you do.
A local newspaper ran an article about a farmers market in Santa Barbara, CA.  The writer included a recipe for a fish dish at a local restaurant.  The court bullion serving for four used two ounces of saffron.  This is an example of garbage food reviews and recipes in magazines and on the net.  These are published by journalists and writers not cooks.  I imagine that the original court bullion recipe called for two or three threads of saffron.  Saffron at $320.00 per...
Welcome to cheftalk.  My hair is short now but has been long in the past.  I put it in a pony tail and fold that over and use a hair band to hold it up short.  Had a woman chef hint that I should not wear long hair in kitchen.  She changed her mind that if that was the  case for me it would be for everyone in the kitchen, her included.  I always wear a hat long hair or short.  My hair has thinned over the years but I think it is called male pattern baldness of some such...
That will work just fine.
I prefer peanut oil but canola works well also.
We make chips at home and for parties all the time.  We use a dutch oven on the stove.  Fry cut up corn tortillas we then drain them in a hotel pan with a rack or in a paper grocery bag.  We salt them and shake the bag.  They stay fresh several hours.
"So you are saying??  Cook a chicken breast in a more difficult and less efficient  way to obtain a certificate?  That makes perfect sense.  Work smarter not harder."   Yes, this is not to show you can cook chicken more efficiently than the examiners method but that you can cook a breast according to instructions.  I might also add that in the obfuscated rules in academia that using the terms airline breast and french breast  interchangeably is not permitted.   What I...
Hookedcook,  If you would quit your whining and pay attention to the OP you might learn something.  The exercise was to saute the chicken breast not sear and finish in the oven. I agree that the sear and finish is a better method.  When trying to get a certificate instructions must be followed.  In school I saw many young students fail because they thought they were smarter than the instructors and did not follow instructions.  Academics are a monkey see monkey do.  
Go to Parks produce stand in Plant City and see what is fresh.  I like fresh spinach ricotta filling with a Parmesan cream sauce. 
I love the idea of local, farm to table, and slow food.  I have found that meat from local sustainable sources is at least twice the cost of grocery meat.  Is it worth it? Grass fed and finished sounds good but grain finished has better marbling.   Most local beef is USDA inspected but not graded. Local eggs are $5 a dozen, grocery $1.30 this week,  grocery organic $3-$4.  I raised chickens for eggs and understand the cost of local small production farms.    
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