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I think regular marshmallows would probably be easiest, especially for transport and appearance. Sometimes marshmallow creme can deflate and not have that fluffiness when it's first made. Cut marshmallows would also give lots of edges for torching, which is the best part .
I've never had pie or tart dough stick to the pan. Seems like an unnecessary step to me.
Albert Uster has some, not sure about blackberry. Do an online search for them, I don't know the sites I saw before. I just looked at a bunch of random ones.
I've used purées before, but it's usually hard to get the flavor to be strong enough to come through without adding to much liquid. You can use fruit powders. I have both strawberry and raspberry, and I have seen blackberry online. You take a small amount of buttercream and melt it down, then mix the powder into that so it's hydrated. Then mix into the buttercream. Since the powders are pure fruit, it adds a lot of flavor and color. Or, you may need to use an extract to...
Chef's Warehouse out of San Leandro, ItalFoods, Better Brands, Sysco are some of the major ones.
Wasn't perfect for me either. Too soft I felt to hold up for tiered cakes, but that's just me. I wanted a base cake I could modify for other flavors, and I tweaked a recipe I had and was able to get my "perfect" cake. But, try it, everybody has different tastes.
They freeze great. I've frozen both the shells alone and assembled ones with no ill effects. A lot of bakeries freeze them for production purposes anyway.
I know the difference between table sugar (sucrose), glucose and fructose. Corn syrup, being an invert sugar, won't crystallize. No problem, that's why I use it.My point is that if you eat sugar, eating corn syrup is no different. People should worry about their overall consumption of any sugar if they eat too much. Eating a couple of caramels or pate de fruit that is made with glucose or corn syrup around the holidays shouldn't be the issue.And thinking agave is a...
Also, keep in mind corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup are two different things. Corn syrup is just sugar, in a different form. If you eat sugar, it's not going to be any different. HFCS has been changed enzymatically, and since it's used in so many commercial products, that's the concern. It's causing over consumption of sugar. I use corn syrup or glucose in all my caramels, and have no problem with it. Sometimes I sub about 1/3 honey in the recipe. Greweling's books...
Well, not by choice . I had to do 20 dozen decorated for a tree lighting. Probably won't be any more cookies I usually make chocolates, marshmallows, hot cocoa mix, and a few other random things each year. I usually only have a few large gifts to buy, everyone else gets food. Here's the cookies
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