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Eggs are hard to sub, but there are many cake recipes out there without eggs. I recently had to make a vegan wedding cake, and I used a recipe without any eggs at all. The only thing about it is it was very soft. No real binder without the eggs. There are a few egg substitutes out there but I haven't tried them. Aquafaba works great for a meringue, and I have seen it used in place of eggs in a cake, but I haven't tried it personally. I would cook my own chickpeas without...
It just takes practice. In looking at a close up of the picture, I would suggest getting your petals edges thinner. That will help with them being more realistic.The roses could be a little tighter in their shape. It helps to have a picture of the real flower you are making in front of you. Helps with petal placement and the overall look.Nice job though, just keep making them.
I'm not completely sure, but it could be sprayed with chocolate with a paint sprayer. It usually creates that texture you see. A mix of 50/50 cocoa butter and chocolate is used to make it fluid enough to flow through the sprayer. Then probably airbrushed for the colorful ones. I believe there is a canned product that will produce this effect without the paint sprayer investment, but I've not tried it.
Maybe just double check that your oven is calibrated to the right temp. The convection oven I use at work seems to run hotter than it says. I bake everything at 300F, and even lower it to 275F for bread pudding and some cookies. Does it have a button that controls fan speed? I also keep the fan on low. Other than that, there shouldn't be anything different you need to do to your recipes.
One of the biggest problems people have when making macarons is the "macaronage"' which is basically the folding in of the dry ingredients into the egg whites. If the batter is over mixed, it becomes to runny, and then the cookie will loose its shape, and be all wonky . All descriptions say "stop mixing when it looks like flowing lava". Liked we've all seen that. You don't necessarily need to be gentle with the batter, because it is mixed to get some of the air out. So,...
I make marshmallows that are made by pouring syrup over melted gelatin, whipping until stiff.. Then mixing in two egg whites that have been whipped to stiff peaks (can be pasteurized whites, or reconstituted dry whites). I personally don't like just gelatin marshmallows. The ones with whites just seem more creamy, and melt much more nicely in hot chocolate. I also use them for s'mores and in ice cream. And, I've found I like these better that pouring gelatin/syrup into...
I use mascarpone in my red velvet cake instead of cream cheese. I attempted a "red velvet" macaron last Valentine's Day. Meh, you can't really get that flavor in there. I added cocoa and red color, piped them in hearts and filled with cream cheese/mascarpone filling. Basically just red macarons. There is a red velvet cake flavoring I've seen around. Have no idea what it tastes like, but it might work for the filling?
I have a KopyKake and I only use it for spraying chocolate molds with cocoa butter. I warm the airbrush with a heat gun before using it, and then occasionally while spraying to keep it fluid. I also have the cheap Badger 250 spray gun I use with it. I've found its a little more messy to work with since it works off a siphon, tends to want to keep leaking.
I've done a little bit of coloring my own, but it never has the depth of color that the pre-made has. It usually ends up more like a color wash than a solid color. I didn't add the titanium dioxide though.I use the colors from Chef Rubber, and while they may seem expensive, they last a long time.
Could it be that you should use a bigger pan? It may just be too much batter for the pan. Also, depending on how long the butter and sugar are creamed together, it could be a factor. Over creaming would cause too much air to be incorporated and causing the collapse as well.
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