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Thanks for your input, I just figured if my pricing is in line, which it is, and i look for any deals i can get there shouldnt be a problem, right? lol It's just that constant battle with big corporate america that is frustrating.
I currently work in a new upscale restaurant that is owned by a corporation. the corp. has never been in or owned a restaurant. Here's my problem, they have said they believe in and enjoy everything i am cooking, but now that buisness is slow and they dont want to market the restaurant, i now have to limit all my buying from US foods. Currently i am using a meat proveyor, sysco for dry foods, and a produce proveyor, among other local producers. we buy quality products from...
Crocs makes a great pair of kitchen crocs, there are other colors besides the Mario orange, best slip resistant shoe i have ever worn.
I work at a restaurant called "America" A classic American restaurant. Our menu consists of local ingredients used in a "worldly" influenced cuisine, with our nation being a large "melting pot" of cultures and foods, is there really an "American" style cuisine, or are we just a wide array of styles and preparations, since america isn't really a cooking style. My question is does anyone have a description of what upscale american food is? Any help would be...
oops sorry it is Check it out
Oh yeah, and alot of Ween!!!!
Mars Volt, At the Drive In plus your usual Dead and Phish, plus some good 80's punk rock are among the top kitchen Cd's lately. Basically anything that helps keep the staffmoving at a good pace
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