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chocolate mustaches! at Michaels craft store they sell moulds for mustache pops, i think they would be awesome on a cupcake!
crostini. ricotta. figs. honey. =yum.  
panini- there are a bunch of recipes for macarons using a "french meringue"/common meringue technique. i think thats what the OP was referring to.
i never ever use crisco. i think its gross. its unnecessary.   look up a recipe for Swiss buttercream, you are going to be heating up sugar and egg whites (2:1 ratio) over a double boiler. then you'd whip that in a mixer until its almost cool, and then you'd add butter and other flavorings. this has a great consistency for beginner cake decorators.   good luck!
we also call it a chevron at work.
why not do a creme de banana creme anglaise?
it depends on a lot of things, but we charge $90 for a half sheet. its not unreasonable.
hahaha, i dont even make close to half of 80k!!! ...but im just the pastry chef at a golf course...
yay! bonbini, you rock! :) i love your work!
all i know of is king arthur flour's non-melting sugar.. 
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