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I would never take "hardcore drugs like coke and e and other stuff." That is bad for you and unproductive. But, I noticed I can fry the perfect egg (you chefs should know what I'm talking about) shooting a bit of heroin in my inner thigh.
I am greatly offended by your implication and contention. I have learned a great many things over the Internet requiring a "hands-on," "skill-based education." How to play the accordion, for instance. And, more relevant to the topic at hand, ballet. Hence, "taste, see and smell" my Entrechat, you Philistine Luddite.
I'll let you in on a secret. I find the best knife in the kitchen is a regular Swiss Army Knife. Not only can you julienne that pork belly with relative precision, you can also fix that loose toilet seat with the same apparatus. Saves time in the kitchen. And as you know, time is money.
please define "Clean Background." thank you.
Pete and MikeB sound like they are in the right range. I'm a bit more generous, at times, though: I've been known to offer $10 more than the average to an inexperienced chef because her breasts were bigger than my pair of woks imported from China
Background checks infuriate me. My brief time in the mafia as a low-level enforcer helped my flambeing skills.
The best McDonald's I've ever been to was in a suburb of Milwaukee. I could have sworn they fried their french fries in horse fat.
Rapport is great, but, I prefer a closed kitchen because I reserve the right to spit in the food of customers that wear bow-ties to my restaurant
My friend is from Hong Kong. The way he rolled a joint blew me away. I've never seen a better rolled joint in America.
Wow. Twenty years of experience. I only have twenty months. Anyways, I learned this from a taxi driver in Spain: buy a bucket of KFC, strip off the skin, "glue" the skin on to your fish (or onions, if you wish) with some egg yolks, and voila! I call the dish Colonel Fish
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