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Vic, I only know of Herder-Windmuehlenmesser and the vintageshttp://bernalcutlery.lightspeedwebstore.com/kitchen-knives-europe-and-usa-windmuehlenmesserhttp://bernalcutlery.lightspeedwebstore.com/kitchen-knives-vintage
Vic, how reactive do you find your KU Tanaka to be?  Knives and Stones sells the blue #2 damascus line with vastly upgraded handles and improved fit and finish
I got into the game too late for the more reasonable priced Forgecrafts :/ Are there other vintage American carbon steel names that are consistently decent? I have a vintage Lamson that is still a work in progress, edge retention is ehh
I just can't bring myself to want to deal with the finger guards XD
http://www.echefknife.com/knife-type/double-edged/gyuto-chefs-knife/yoshihiro-vg-10-16-layer-hammered-damascus-stainless-steel-gyuto-chefs-knife-443.html http://japanesechefsknife.com/SazanamiVG10DamascusSeries.html#SAZANAMI Are you open to both Western and Japanese style handles?
I'd be surprised if the Fujiwara was chippy for you. Excluding maybe the initial factory edge.  I think your priority of 240mm over 210mm is a good one to have
LOL. Well then, hmmm maybe that helps the OP with narrowing down some choices
JCK has the Misono Moly listed at ~57 HRC and the Fujiwara FKM at ~57-58 HRC. Another case of optimistic numbers? I would have assumed they were of similar softness
Sorry Bernard, I should have clarified! I will say one thing about the carbon Misono though...after using soft iron clad carbon knives that seem to rust when you so much as look at them, the Misono Swedish is positively easy to take care of - it's building a patina comfortably without too much effect on tomatoes and onions and the like in the meantime. I still haven't forced a patina on any of my knives with coffee or mustard or hot vinegar etc.   Also, are the Misono...
IIRC @LennyD had a pretty involved thread on effectively this topic http://www.cheftalk.com/t/63213/tojiro-dp-f-809-240mm-gyuto-a-good-budget-entry-level-intro-to-japanese-knives . It's an older thread, but the entry-level range of choices hasn't changed all that much. The 150-250$ or so range is really what's blown up in terms of variety as compared to what was available 6 years ago
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