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You could look at something like this for a domestic shipping option. Plus a medium and fine grit stone like the 1000 and 5000 here or here Awesome sharpening playlist here
Edit to my previous comment - I was going off previously found listings of the Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef being listed at HRC 58. I've since seen some that say HRC 60. Still have no idea which one is accurate...
Seems like they run a little soft compared to other options in the price range.    There's also Gonbei AUS-10 which is the yo-handled equivalent of the Gesshin Uraku stainless
@Branno you could see if you're nearby to Chef's Armoury or Knives And Stones
I guess that's a good thing...? At least they don't have the full bolster design
If having a knife in your hands is a requirement, you're very likely going to be limited to not much more than what you've already found. Every knife I've purchased in the last 1.5+ years has been an online purchase. I've not had the chance to see the majority of them in person.    Give it some time at your new workplace and see if you feel it'd be possible to maintain a carbon blade there.   No bones and minimize rocking, especially with the two Miyabis you linked...
Haha, score! To be honest though as someone who has a couple of nakiri and santoku+bunka, I have to make an effort to think about pulling them out and using them as opposed to 230mm+gyuto or large chuka bocho or the occasional petty/parer usage.Probably going to sell off my Shibata Kotetsu bunka sometime in the future to put funds towards the 240mm gyuto which is what I should have gotten in the first place.
I like that Maksim carries some 180mm nakiri and santoku, as opposed to the more common 165mm. How's the shipping without hitting the free shipping limit?
Honesuki is specialized for poultry more than for anything else Are you mainly looking to go through bone or to go around bones?
Just to make sure you're aware, the Togiharu cleaver is fully carbon steel (as is the Suien VC). I don't find good monosteel carbon an excessive issue to deal with (I cook at home), and even less so after it's developed some patina. Your list looks pretty good
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