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yup u got it?
Hey any culinary students with the professional baking blue book..... Could u please give me the creme brule' formula. I have recently moved and my book is in a box somewhere! Please is anyone one could give me any assistance..thank you so much!
We use the 50 lb cake mix bag and add water oil and eggs to it. Um...When we scoop it into the sheet pans could it not be spread around evenly? Like too much air in the middle and when it leaves the oven it goes into shock. geeze i just wish i could explain it better....any other advise or is it just sucks for us!?
While making full sheet chocolate cake for orders this new annoying thing continues to happen: the center is caving in slightly. And this is a problem because of course when u try to make 1/4 or 1/2 sheet cakes 2 sides are leveled off! the question is WHY is this happening?!? IT happened to 6 of sheets we did for the first batch. This does not happen when we bake the white cake, this problem is only with the chocolate cake! HELP!!!!!
(hey everyone I'm a newbie) I have an appointment on Monday with the Career Services about expernships. I am in the baking program. I am nervous because mine starts in Feb. I want to go to a nice place like Ritz or Gaylord Palms something that would look good on a resume. My question is are the people that are running these hotels understanding and helpful or are these people going to be jerks? I just do not want to waste my time.
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