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I had a guest freak out last night cause he insisted we could in fact grill his french fries for him.
It is real, it may not have played in all markets but here in Toronto I saw it "live" when the show first aired.
Absolutely not. People just touch everything with the gloves. They are generally far more contaminated than clean hands.
I worked with a chef who just loved his skate wing. Parties of 240 with skate wing as a main. I hate the sight of it now. Talk about dozens of tiny little cuts.
Um, perhaps if you are out asking for recipes on the internet you have no business running any restaurant. If you are going to be the chef of a restaurant and you can't do this on your own, blindfolded, you should be looking for a great chef to work for not trying to trick someone into thinking you are something you are not.
Find a chef you want to work for, beg to get in the door, work like a dog, absorb like a sponge. Most cooking schools are overated and severly outdated.
Well maybe you need to go study more. Crab souffles are awesome. Perhaps you should broaden your culinary horizons.
Melt down the marrow and put it in your bernaise.
My favourite lately was an irate lady, screaming at her waitress because her creme brulee wasn't screaming hot. What am I missing something here? There are places that serve hot creme brulee? After the waitress very politely sugested to the lady that creme brulee is in fact not a hot dessert the lady actually said " I fly to New York once or twice a year just to satisfy my craving for creme brulee and it is always served hot". I have also worked for Chefs where the...
On food and cooking is a fantastic book, how it could be a disapointment to any cook, professional or otherwise is beyond me. 50 pages of usefull information......are you nuts?
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