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I believe ground beef can be cooked to 155 internal. But chicken and all poultry should be 165 to 170.
Hi all, I'm looking for an immersion blender that will fit in my knife bag, i.e. something small, portable, and doesn't require an outlet. I was wondering if a milk frother can do the same things as an immersion blender when it comes to sauces, such as emulsify or puree. Thanks in advance.
On Food and Cooking, by Harold McGee (Broader than just baking, but it covers the basics of baking science pretty well) Best of Baking Illustrated (It's a cookbook, but there are little chunks of baking science throughout the book)
Everyone loves cookies. You could do an experiment to figure out what creates lift in cookies, or how different ratios of white to brown sugar affect texture.
I used to work for a chef who preserved his starter by leaving a portion in his flour bucket. After three days, it dried out. When he wanted to use it, he would just crumble it and add it to the wet ingredients.
where can I those flat, circular slabs that they cook crepes on in creperies?
I had a similar problem when making parothas (Indian flat bread). I think my problem was that I used too much flour to keep the dough from sticking. Try using more fat.
Here's a question: You work your *** up (from whatever background) to an executive chef's position of some fancy restaurant in wherever. The restaurant gets bought out (or closes or whatever) and you lose your job. You take another position (not a chef's position) at another restaurant. You're not THE chef, but are you still A chef? Would you prefer people you address you as Chef, whether inside or outside the restaurant?
new tactic: I'm going to try to make the dish using pork belly or some cut of pork with the skin still attached. new question: How do I cook pork skin to make it crispy? I'm planning on getting a whole cut and slicing off the skin layer, then baking or broiling it somehow to turn it hard and crispy, like chicharron (cracklings). I want to get this done in about an hour. Is it possible? What's the best way to do it?
If they have eggs, you can do a souffle. All you need to leaven that is egg whites.
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