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  I do something similar to this, only I put some fresh lemon juice on the foil, lay down a nice big sprig of fresh dill, lay the halibut on that, top it with more lemon juice, s&p, a biggish pat of butter and another sprig of dill.  Seal it up and bake it.  Buttery, lemony, dilly goodness. :)
  That's a *good* idea, though.  And, hey!  Dumplings are just spaetzle on steroids, right?  
  I'm thinking a cabbage slaw--red cabbage (traditional alongside sauerbraten), a little celery seed and a dressing with lemon, sour cream and mayo and, maybe, another veg.  I'd love some steamed red potatoes, but they'd only be for me; Mike hates potatoes.  :/
I started cooking it today, so I guess it counts.  :D  Sunday night, I'm making a bastardized sauerbraten/stroganoff combo.  I had some 1.5 inch-thick strips of beef, cut them into 2.5" long pieces, gave them a good sear and put them in a marinade of water, red wine and apple cider vinegars, carrot, onion, bay leaf, peppercorns and mustard seed and popped it into the fridge.  Sunday, I'll add some sugar and salt and slow cook it until it falls apart.  Then I'll strain...
Crisply fried corned beef hash topped with a couple nicely runny poached eggs.  :)
Tonight was a "sort of" Quiche Lorraine--it had the Gruyere and the bacon, but I also put in caramelized onions.  I started doing that a while ago and the husbandly unit thinks it's a good addition.
????  That's pretty much the same recipe I use for Scots shortbread minus the vanilla (shortbread should taste like butter).  The recipe I use calls for AP flour and rice flour or corn starch.  No sprinkles or egg wash, though.  Perhaps that's what makes it Italian. ;)
Soy oil shouldn't be a problem.  The most common difficulty for chiffon cakes is the egg white foam--a little oil in the bowl or on the beaters or a tiny drop of egg yoke and the whites don't get the volume they should.  Over-beating the whites is also a problem, as is beating the whites and then letting them sit while you prepare the rest of the batter.  Could any of those have been the problem?
After soaking the grains have you tried pouring off any excess water?  Or giving it a squeeze to express some extra moisture content?  Also, if the regular toaster isn't cutting it, have you tried toasting your bread under the broiler in your oven?  It might work better with a moister bread like yours.
Put my vote on some sort of onion as well. How about something crunchier? Peanuts? Pine nuts? Pepitas?
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