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How long are you baking it?  I bake my standard white bread at 425F (218-ish C.) for 25 to 30 minutes.  If you're using celsius, you're dropping your temp down to 392F part-way through--why?  The longer the bread's in the oven, the more the crust is going to dry out and harden up.   I've also never used olive butter before.  Will it stand up to the kind of heat bread generally requires?  Honestly asking here since I have no clue.  It would be interesting to experiment...
I did a little googling and now know more about doughnuts and doughnut analogs than I probably should (and am now craving a doughnut).  I saw a few examples of aebelskiver pans that were enameled, but most have 6 indentations or more--that blank space in the middle is puzzling.  I thought it might be used for some sort of German krapfen, but most of those are fried.  Then there were Polish paczki and a slew of others here...
Granny Smiths for me every time unless I can stumble into some Mackintosh apples.  Sadly, they're scare even here in Washington since all the growers jump on the bandwagon and plant whatever's "in" at the time.  *Still hoping to try an apple I once read about--Sheep's Nose.  Normally a cider apple, but I'm curious!*
Just a suggestion, but you'd probably have better luck with this in the Recipes section - or even the general Food & Cooking section.  The only folks that'll see it here are those looking for reviews of cooking equipment.
Codfish cakes?  Boring and yet a comfort food.  
I don't use cooking spray, but a little dab of Crisco/shortening in the corners of the pan really helps.  You can also tear off the size sheet you need and pull it contra-curl side at an angle against the edge of the counter-top (or a table; whatever has a nice sharp edge).  It's like putting curl into wrapping ribbon, but you're pulling it the against the curl to take the curl out.  It works, but the ends are still a little curl-ish.  (And thank you auto-correct for...
I have never had a babka, so I'm no expert, but they look really tasty to me.  The rise looks good, as well.  I think you'll be getting some very positive feedback!
Swiss steak, pot roast, Swedish meatballs, meatloaf...all favorite fall/winter dishes around here.  Great...I'm now old enough to be "retro".  
Last night was boring since it was dinner in a hurry--broiled flat-iron steak, sliced thin and brussels sprouts.  Tonight, though, I'm going to sauté some sliced mushrooms in butter, throw in some tarragon, deglaze with some red wine.  Let that reduce a bit, throw in the leftover steak just long enough to heat through and stir in some sour cream off the heat and serve it over toast.  It sounds good in my head, just hoping it turns out well on the plate.
Well, wine soon, if that counts.  :D  The grapes are just about ready to be harvested.
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