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JILLYBEAN; Good morning to you. Jilly I have some good news for you.....your baking failure isn't your fault. The failure lies in the recipe. Jilly notice the 2, cups of sugar =14,oz. Notice the 2 1/4 cups of cake flour=9.75 oz. average. Jilly whenever the weight of the sugar exceeds the weight of the flour you have what is known as a "HI~RATIO" Cake formula. In comm. bakeries the ingredient employed is "EMULSIFIED SHORTENING." If you have a few baking books find the...
SAPPHYERAVYN: Good afternoon. Simply put, Yes!!! use Lemon juice. It also happens to be the acid of choice amongst the formally culinary educated in Europe. I hope this helps you. Good luck to you from Las Vegas,NV. Enjoy the rest of the day. ~ZEE:chef:
JOHNZIMBLE: Good afternoon John. I firmly believe what you are looking for is "BAVARIAN CREAM". Check this out John. What your description implies is that it is soft cream & yet it can be piped. Insert Gelatin John. You can insert gelatin in the pastry cream as well. John you may have to do some improvising here but I think you can succeed at it. If you need a recipe for this cream post back John. Good luck John from Las Vegas, NV. Enjoy the rest of the day. ...
Kelleybean: Your recipe has to much butter. All that is required is 4, oz. The weight of the eggs should equal the weight of the butter with-in 10%. Thus 1, egg is not enough. add 1 more egg. Good luck from Las Vegas, Nv. & enjoy the rest of the day. ~ZEE.:chef:
BOHH: My friend if you were to do that you would be altering the integrity of the frosting. Why don't you seek a recipe for a "GLAZE". Check out for a recipe in a cake book or baking book. There are a few & some with insruction for coloring them as well. Begin by looking for a "CLEAR GLAZE". I hope this helps you & have a nice day. ~ZEE:chef:
RZN: I am unable to locate the yellow cake formula you described. If I could locate it I would re~structure the formula for you. As far as subst. veg. oil for the solid fat is concerned, it can be done but as you know my friend butter contains approx. 17% water. Oil is all fat, butter isn't... sooo, you must account for that liquid in your re~structure. As far as moisture goes just reduce the sugar content by approx 20% and replace it with honey & reduce the baking...
YAHOOER: Good morning. This is the math my friend. 1, oz of fresh yeast equals=.40 oz of Active yeast the kind you need warm water & some sugar. That is close enough 3/8ths of an oz For Instant yeast it is 1/3rd of an oz. In your case 1.5 tsp of instant yeast is .18 of an oz X 3= 1/2 oz of fresh yeast. (Round figure) I hope this helps . Good luck & enjoy the rest of the day. ~ZEE:chef:
HEAVY METAL CHEF: I can understand your annoyance & frustration. I am sure you are & were very efficent going over the recipe & in each detail. But chef the one thing you didn't mention was the oven temperature. Did you check it out to see that it is accurate???. Enjoy the rest of the day Chef. ~ZEE,:chef:
LENTIL: Good afternoon. The 2, inch depth pan allowing for 2/3rds full you will need 2,1/3rd cups. The 3, inch depth requires 3,1/2 cups of batter. Good luck with your catering Bizzz~Nizzz. Enjoy the rest of the day. Lentil, if you have a little left over you can make 1, muffin out of it. ~ZEE:chef:
JESSIQUINA: Good afternoon to you. Sorry to learn of your baking mishap. I believe I can help you with this baking problem. Jessi, notice the weight of the cake flour to the weight of the sugar. As you know Jessi, we have here a "HI~RATIO CAKE formula. What I do in these types of recipes, I fool the flour. I reduce the sugar amount by say 3, oz & replace it with honey. then I would continue creaming with just 2, cups (14,oz) of sugar. The balance of sugar I would...
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