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Since I am often asked to BBQ at peoples house, I have a checklist of what to bring.  Currently it is:   BBQ (Weber kettle as I cannot use propane/gas) Tongs (BBQ and serving) Knives Cutting boards Chimney starter Lighter Lump charcoal Spices   PP
Usually it is one of the truck drivers that does the cooking for a team.
I just did a popup kitchen for a local lounge to drive business on a Sunday.  They have a small kitchen and asked me to BBQ in the back.  For every cocktail purchased the customer got a ticket for a plate of food.  It worked out very well.  We increased their normal Sunday business from 20-30 patrons to over 200.   The menu was supposed to be pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, Tri Tip and grilled chicken.  The pork didn't get to pullable by the time everyone arrived.  It...
I was the Team of the Year chairman for the CBBQA (California BBQ Association) in the mid 90's it was a lot of fun.  I never competed because I felt it would take away from my enjoyment and become like a job (I am competitive that way).  Somewhere on their website is a picture of my fire kit (or it was at one time.   I may go visit them at their annual Q-Fest soon.   Bringing back good memories....   PP
Our children were 1 & 4 when we started.  Did it for about 5 or 6 years.   I used to brag that my kids did not need TV or video games.  Now my youngest is 18 and all he does is play video games.....   I believe my in-laws are still in the scene.  Not sure I want to hang out with them ;-)  I'll let you know if I get the hankering.  Would need to buy new equipment since it is long gone except my fire kit.   PP
Awesome!   We did it with our children and my ex - wives father and brother.  The wife went back to college so we stopped.  No longer together so I am not involved in it any more.   Sure helped me learn to cook anywhere.  The past few years I started cooking for charitable events in the middle of the California desert.   PP
LOL we aren't are we....   Yup Fur trade here in So Cal.  Not doing it anymore unfortunately, but I still pull out the old fire kit when I camp.   Everyone believed it was buffalo except the one elderly lady who's father was a butcher.....  
Currently I have 4-5 Weber 22.5" grills in my trailer that sits in the SoCal desert for when we go off roading. (I assist in cooking for charity events, biggest one was 700 people for breast cancer research.  all on the Weber's)   18" Weber on my patio for me. Weber Smokey Mountain    I do a lot of my smoking in the Weber kettles, as I don't have room or the money for my dream Klose rig. I have an iron camping kit I commissioned when we used to do living...
When we are doing it at my house or at our favorite place (the awesome sand dunes of Glamis, CA) I do the turkey, whether it is Oven, BBQ, or frying. My wife makes the desserts. I also wither BBQ or deep fry a turkey Wednesday before Thanksgiving in my company's parking lot for a pot luck. This year we are at my mother-in-laws. She does the turkey and my father-in-law carves it.
I've done the same as allie's friend with all of my BBQ'd (not grilled) meats
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