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Please have one of your cooks to translate. Gracias por impulsar la gastronomia mexicana y respetar nuestros sabores. Las oportunidades de trabajo que le das a mis colegas en Chicago nos hacen valorar lo grande que es la cultura mexicna y nuestra gastronomia. Gracias. Chef Josue Villalvazo Romo Monterrey N.L
I´m looking for students for internships in Mexico and that my students go to US for internships You can go to: Cancun Vallarta Baja Cabos Guadalajara Mazatlan etc... Its all about helping students and that someone helps my students
In this work one must be humble. That's the biggest problem for young chef. whe are here to serve people, and the bigest payment is a SMILE. NOT MONEY NOT TV SHOWS That comes with the LOVE you have for your work (Food).
How do I determing what equipmet a need for a convention center in Mexico for 4000 pax ?
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