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Alright cool... I won't put anything beside my business name ... I'm not doing bread for sure, no problems with that   Now I got to think of a logo for it... I'm thinking of doing a tree like the "tree of knowledge" from the adam and eve story, where I got the inspiration for my business name with forbidden fruit :)
Hey guys   I'm planning on opening a high end dessert shop in the near future. It going to be called "Forbidden Desserts" and I'm selling things like cakes, tarts, cookies and few other things, I was wondering if I should put a label underneath like bakery, patisserie etc. to tell people specifically on what kind of business it is   My problems with these names is that...   "patisserie" usually known to sell like croissant, danishes and desserts... but i sell...
I do agree about the hobart... it a ironclad equipment... it was a bit shocking to hear that hobarts are declining... I have dealt with hobart mixers for years, no problems so far... knocking on the commercial metal table :P   on the other hand for blodgett ovens... I'm currently working in a bakery that sells cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies etc... they have a 2-ovens unit blodgett, they are a bit of annoying ovens because we have to turn the pans around like every 5...
Hey guys   I went to a food equipment store to do some equipment research for my dessert business in the future.   The employee told me that the blodgett oven is overrated because people basically buying the name. Also usually have to turn the pan around every 5 mins for even baking. Same goes for the hobart mixers, just buying the name.   They said that the food equipment industry have improved over the past decade and there are better brands out there than...
Hey guys,   I have been looking for a place with a kitchen specifically an oven to rent to start my business, just selling cupcakes so I can save enough money and open my own pastry shop storefront.   So I found a place but they have a gas commercial oven, I have been using electric oven and I was not sure if it a big difference or not between the two types for baking cupcakes/cakes
haha thats funny....   I always tell people that drug dealers use this type of scale to sort their "stuffs" .... some people was shocked ... it funny to see their reactions   oh yeah wilton products are expensive ... especially in michaels arts stores, I don't know if you have them in vancouver
i already have that kind of scale... I'm looking for a more accurate scale, I do a little molecular gastronomy and need it for salt, leaving agents and other powders. but I do with teaspoon measurement only for homeuse.... but for commercial purposes I want to be faster and efficient by using a scale.   I found a couple scales   http://www.goldaskitchen.com/merchant.ihtml?pid=6921&step=4 http://www.goldaskitchen.com/merchant.ihtml?pid=8001&step=4   one of...
Hey   what is the best brand or type/features to look for in a precision scale (like those .01g measurement) and a candy thermometer?     Thanks,
Thanks for the recommendation ... I will check it out
I'm looking for books similar as well...   There is a book coming out in september 2013 I believe ... I think it called "sweet alchemy"   The author is Yigit Pura, the winner of top chef: just desserts ... I don't know what kind of dessert recipes he is putting in there but possibly similar to "dessert fourplay". Since they make similar modern style of desserts.  
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