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foodpump   I may have to bite the bullet and consider the matfer products ... but man they are pricey like what you said... approximately like 3-4 times but I will see if the metal store can do it for cheaper   there are two options of tartlet molds   Plain tartlet mold: Diameter 1 3/4", height 3/8", pack of 25       http://www.culinarycookware.com/plain-tartlet-mold.html   or....   Deep plain...
aren't those pans a pain for tarts cause of the edging off the dough? it may or may not have nice smooth finish and the possibility touching the tart next to it and have to redo it again?     I have a few wilton mini muffin pans
so it cling to the side and create a light crumbly texture or else let gravity compress it down taste like a hard cookie :P     Do you guys know fat daddios brand?   there is a mini tart but it fluted   http://www.fatdaddios.com/catalog/mini-1-14   if I buy one and bring it to a metal shop and get them to create a smooth edge version of it... would that work?
you guys make mini tarts sounds like they are the death of pastry shop/bakery haha
I did had a run in by using a dough in a mini muffin pan like last year... I remember it was a bit of a pain in the butt... 1.5" diameter is smaller than the mini muffin... I would probably melt the mini tart pans out of frustration after a while lol
Yeah I know there are slopes... I have seen them personally   but not the tart rings, they are straight up like these   http://in102925451.trustpass.alibaba.com/product/104935566-101606491/Tart_Ring_3_5_6_7_8_9_10_10_5_11_.html   I just want 1.5" diameter with the same height of 3/4" in height and has a bottom     here is an example of a circle tart with no slope... http://www.valrhona-chocolate.com/Chocolatetart  
lol... google is not my friend right now... those tarts are the same ones that I saw which I don't want... it got a slope and it too high   I want something that is straight up   check this mini tart shop in west hollywood called fruute ... http://www.fruute.com/   I want something like that but in a circle form... they have a custom mold for these tarts
I get what you are saying now...I do agree with what you are saying.... I will look around and see if I can get a bottom for them or get something custom cause I don't want the fluted tart shell cause everybody have that... there is unfluted mini tart pan, but it look more like a shot glass and the height is too high   I actually sent an e-mail to the mini tart shop about where they got their tart shell and they told me that they got it custom made in asia but the...
well I thought of two business concepts.... and having a very hard time deciding on which one that i want to do   1. mini desserts only... like mini cupcakes, mini shortbread cookies, mini tarts, mini entremet in a plastic shot cups (maybe), macarons (maybe) and a few other desserts...There is no mini desserts shop where I live except a cupcake shop that sell standard and mini sizes. Also people might enjoy eating different desserts at a small price point and good...
alright cool...     Do you guys think 1.5" diameter with 3/4" in height is a good size for a mini tart shell?  
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