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Last time I moved, I gave my Coleman Dual Fuel Stove to a friend. I had very few complaints about that stove. I now find myself in need of another stove for car camping. I was wondering if anybody has any better suggestions than the Coleman, or if I should just buy another one.    The stove must be able to use white gas (no propane), but other than that, I just expect it to work when I need it and have enough adjustability to do basic car camping tasks - boil water...
Try here   I always see some knife reviews there so you should also see the price comparison and your price range.
we have the same
Nice! I'll definitely try this tonight. 
balance the water. if you use 6 cups of rice, then pour 6 cups of water too. The other suggestion from cheflayne is right. After the rice is cooked, let it stay in warm mode for about 10-15 more minutes.
That's also called as a sauce pan, right?
I would say yes but it just mostly depends on the person who's doing it. just my 2c
Very good tutorials, thanks for sharing these.
I have the same. One word to describe it = AWESOME. it's hard and cutting fast. 
post a comment on playstore so no one would dare download that crappy app in the future
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