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It's about as tough an undertaking as a fellow (or gal) can get into.  Lots of written advice out there, and like was mentioned, Restaurantowner.com is a must. One really big pitfall, one that has done in a lot of entrepreneurs, is going into the project with unrealistic expectations.  Another is being under capitalized. Best of luck!
you have got to work on that self image, and self confidence.  There is no way you are going to succeed, unless you are sure you will.  Failure will be a self fulfilling prophesy, the way you are thinking now 
Buy your self an EdgePro Apex, and you will never again need someone to sharpen your knives.  Simple to use, bullet proof, and fast.  Who could ask for anything more? 
it sure helps if your cooking equipment is on wheels, and can be rolled out of the way.  If you can move to clean, then HOT water, a good degreaser, and lots of  hard work can, and will, make the floors sparkle, and be grease free. I'll put time and money into cleaning any time.  Walls, floors, surfaces.  It's the key to success.
Prepping Conch can be a chore.  My last restaurant featured Conch Fritters, and we prepped about 20 pounds of Conch a day.
In every case, it appears that as a country rises out of abject poverty, they can't wait to start buying packaged, processed food.  I don't see this as detrimental to those folk's health though.  Food prep becomes less of an all day chore, and more like a necessary task that has to be fitted in with a busy schedule. Another factor to consider, is what percentage of a family's income is required for food.  There is a huge difference there, between say, Mali and Canada.
If God did not want us to kill and eat animals, he would not have made them out of meat.  
I am sitting on both sides of the fence here.  Cottage industry food production/sales is as old as mankind.  I feel that .gov has WAY too much control of our lives in the first place.  If I make a gallon of hot sauce, or bake cookies and sell them, the government has no business poking their nose in. In Florida, you used to be able to harvest game animals, wild hogs or deer for example, and donate the meat to a worthy recipient.  Hunters would provide meat to schools,...
I am yet another dedicated Edge Pro user.  In my 45 years of restaurant work,  I have yet to find a better, more efficient system.  Even with knives made of the new steels, such as ZDP189, S90V, 3V, N380 and INFI, the EP is fast, accurate and effective.  
I am still very satisfied with my primary use knives.  While I have a great many blades, the ones I use most are carbon steel k Sabatier.
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