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I have so many grills, it is a serious addiction and collection. None gather dust! I use the Weber that is in my outdoor kitchen all the time. It’s convenient, and works well for a quick dinner. I also use my built in pizza oven for home made pizzas, and fish. The Hasty Bake is for my famous Oklahoma ribs…we use it a lot in the summer… When we shoot the television show at my home in the summer—that is when they all come into play.
I believe the cake you are referring to is the Celebration cake—or the tres leches cake. The recipe is in my second book, Mexican Kitchen.
I cannot. It would ruin the show for everyone. We have worked with Buffalo before, so we were fine with it.
Sounds like you are using them just fine! Guacamole, garnish, and as a spread on sandwiches, etc..all great uses. Spices that go well, are usually salt and lime. I would never cook or blend an avocado.
No, I eat lunch and dinner here 5 days a week! We change the menu frequently, and I need to eat the food to make sure everything is coming from the kitchen the way that it should. As far as eating food in Mexico...I am a real fan of street food and I do not get sick. But I am not cavalier about it---I make sure the stall is clean, has a line of people-local people, I usually take off the cilantro or onions on top. I do eat table salsas as well--the red chile (made...
I recently finished book tour, but you can always get one signed by me through the restaurant. If you live far away, just call and they will take your order over the phone. If you come into the restuarant, I can sign it for you then.
You can almost bet that anything ranchero or a la ranchera will come in a coarse, picante tomato sauce—what you might expect for “ranch” style. The picante can be little serranos (or habaneros in Yucatán), dried chiles de árbol, even chipotlesor long green chiles—whatever happens to be the regional choice or the find of the moment.
I love it. I grew up on it. It was all I knew until I traveled to Mexico. Whenever I go back to Oklahoma, one of the first things I eat (besides BBQ) is my favorite Tex-Mex enchiladas with tons of cheese! I believe there is a place for every kind of cuisine, and my job, with Mexican, is just to let people know the differences between it and Tex-Mex cooking.
Frontera Grill basically is named for the Spanish meaning of the word Frontera--border. Topolobampo is named after a small fishing village in Mexico and we thought it would be fun to say...
Dear Dan: Number one, I'm a fan of container gardening, especially in small space. I would grow some compact tomatoes in large (5-gallon-size) pots, being careful to add fresh compost every couple of weeks during the first half of the summer. Remember: pots dry out much quicker than the ground, so you'll have to water them regularly (during the final stages of ripening, the tomatoes don't want much water). There are so many different tomatoes to chose from,...
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