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Spell them correctly.
Kasumi's are not the best choice in the japanese field. Look for brands like Horimoto, Masamoto, Ryusen, etc. There is something called the Rockwell scale that gives a knife a number based on hardness of the steel. For general use, you want something in the range of 58-63. German knives are typically 50-53.
You will learn knife skills and many other basic skills at school.
I'm pretty sure he is talking about Execs. As a chef himself, he's fully aware of how much line cooks make.
It sounds really great, but to be honest I would have to say no. No matter how delicious it is, people generally still consider pizza something that is no greater than pizza hut or taco bell. If it is somewhat within the price range, I could definitely see that, but if its anything more or close to twice the price, I say no.
And also, a lot of times when servers don't know the answer to something, they just make one up. Make sure you are getting accurate answers.
Very true. I base my usage on the fact that I pretty uch brunoise and oblique a lot of root vegetables and onions etc. all day every day. I need the sharpest edge possible. You CAN you use a steel, but like he said, you have to be more careful.
Keep the stones submerged in a 1/3 pan of water so you always have them at the ready. The knife will stay sharper longer than a german knife. You don't have to steel it. What it comes down to though is it's your knife. If you feel more comfortable steeling it, then do it. I just recommend you don't.
If you're in the LA area, PM me and I'll let you know of a place.
I meant don't use a steel at all. Nobody can apply even pressure on a steel so you end up with a wavy edge. Being that german steel is softer, it's not as much a problem as you typically sharpen less because the edge won't hold for long anyway. I'd just get a good set of water stones. Norton has a pretty decent starter kit, and king makes some inexpensive combination stones. To start, get a 220/800 and a 1000/400 or 1000/6000.
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