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I would agree with Shroom and Others. Sear, Cool, send, finish serve.
In the south they make Boudin Sausage. Cook Pork meat and Liver, Cook rice, Saute Onions and Pepers in some Pork fat (or bacon fat) and season to taste. Grind meats and Onions and Mix in with Rice and Lightly stuff in caseings. Good Stuff!
I was in Melbourne for two weeks to visit a chef friend of mine. Amazing food and cool products! It is there food capital for the country (as well as the wine region). Also went to Tasmania, truly unbelievable. It is gorgeous with some amazing unique foods. Artisan cheese makers, Oyster farms, the best lobster in the world, unique fish, Mushrooms, Produce, Beef, Lamb, etc. I had some of the best meals of my life down there! GO!
For roast beef: Horseradish drained of water Tabasco to taste Worcestershire to taste S&P Chopped fresh Thyme
I love Corned beef oven roasted. I put A BBQ rub on it (in place of the pickling spice.
hammered! Killed! Dead! Inedible!
I have worked in some places in NO as well as eaten in LOTS of dives and funky joints. PO - boys, wop salads, Etc. There are / were some colorful places. Rockey and carloses, Mothers, uglech, Mandinas on canal, The Alibi, Rock n Bowl, etc. As far as working there is lots of underground chef life stuff. I put this up to it being a 24 - 7 city with an free wheeling attitude and lots of eccentric characters!
I think there could be a few factors (epically with grilled items). First is meat quality, second is cold meat HOT grill, third is BTU'S and finally, the grill grates on a commercial char grill are much thicker and heaver, therefore, they carry and retain more heat, so more char/flavor.
I have used Diced fresh White Bread and crumbled saltines as well as regular breadcrumbs.
I lightly poached it (till not quite cooked) then rolled it very tight in plastic and shocked it in ice till well chilled. Cut it into medallions and sauteed it.
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