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Welcome Milan glad to have you at ChefTalk. Let us know if you have any questions about the forums.
@whiskytango I am not sure your question is clear. When you say suggestions on reservations and seating could you be more specific. For example with reservations are you looking for help with how many you can handle? How many times you should turn the tables in X hours?
@flipflopgirl  thanks   @Meezenplaz I wanted to also say thanks for calling out the archives. You do have to search a bit but as one person put it regarding the catering forums there is "gold" in the archives of topics most caterers have to deal with. After 15 years you can't imagine how many times we have talked about Salmon....
It is, but the way it was written is seemed to imply we had only been around 12 years. I simply wanted to clarify and also make you aware of how long ChefTalk has actually been around. Lot of great people over the years have made that happen.
  This is actually incorrect. ChefTalk.com started in 1999 (yep). Over 15 years of archives.... Welcome Chef Bernie how long have you been a culinary instructor? Please encourage your students to post a review of their school in our culinary school reviews section.
Welcome Mason glad you joined ChefTalk. How fortunate you are that you had a grandmother who loved to cook and even more share her skill. Be sure to join in on our monthly challenges they are a great way to get to know the community.
Welcome Helen we are glad you joined up. What part of England are you from? 
There are some great threads on this.              
About two years ago someone gave me a salt block and left it in the cabinet for some time. This past year I started to read up on it and learn how to use it. It is unique approach to cooking and it it something that requires a good bit of time. The book I read was ;       I started out with the salt block on my gas range burner on the lowest setting for 15 minutes. After that I raised the temp a little for another 15 minutes. I did this in 3-4 cycles till the block was...
New Posts  All Forums: