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Stuffed peppers and yes they are swimming in olive oil (that is how i like them). The olive oil was from a friend who gave me some oil from his family olive harvest near Kalamata.   
@Rick Alan thanks for sharing that video that was truly impressive skill.
Welcome to ChefTalk we are always glad to have friends from "Down Under"...   Even if we are jealous of your nice weather. :)
@Koukouvagia nicely done looks great.
@IceMan I am very sorry you had to put your friend down. It is so painful after years of loyal friendship to say good bye. My wife and I recently had to put down our best girl Suka and it was painful. She was the best dog we ever had and so sweet. We have a new pup on the way and look forward to forging some new memories.
Welcome BB glad to have you.
Welcome Larry glad to have you. We are a friendly bunch (most of the time) so I hope you feel welcome.
I freeze my homemade chicken stock in small ziplock bags with two cups of liquid. I lay them flat on a sheet pan and put them in the freezer. They are very thin when they freeze and make it easy to store. They also are exactly two cups so I know what I am pulling out. And, because they are frozen flat and thin they store very easily without taking up a lot of space. I use the vacuum sealer primarily for meats, poultry and seafood and only for long term items. Vacuum...
My wife has requested an egg free evening so no entry tonight. 
Do you have a photo by chance?
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