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This post is fine that is what the trading forums is for. Also it is fine to take up space since this discussion thread is dedicated to your sale. Using the trading forums helps promote to other members so carry on Jeff.    @panini Could you post some photos I would love to see your cars I had no idea you had such a collection.
I decided to give the fit bit a try it has an app and blue tooth so hopefully it will be useful. Only down side is it is pricey in my opinion at 99.00. It seems to do a lot more than just a straight pedometer which is great but it might be more functionality than I need.
Welcome Joel. If you are just getting started in the field this is a great place to chat with chefs and see what it is all about. Head on over to the culinary students/school forums to get started. 
welcome glad to have you.
I was curious if anyone here is using a fitness tracker such as Fitbit or Jawbone? Recently (after many years) I am exercising daily (walking mostly with some calisthenics)  so I am looking for a way to track my activity. The fitbit looks pretty decent and I was wondering anyone here is using it and how they like it.
Welcome @nappingbadger glad to have you. 
@BlazingFox welcome to ChefTalk! We have many culinary students so you will fit right in. Hey if you would we would really appreciate it if you would post a review of your school in our culinary schools section. We have been building reviews and this helps other students trying to find the right school. You can post your review here:    http://www.cheftalk.com/products/category/culinary-schools   If you can't find your school let us know and we will add it for you.
Welcome Matthew. We do not allow new members to edit their signature right away since we kept getting so much spam. Basically people who just wanted to join and promote their business. Give it some time, get to know the community and you will eventually be able to update your profile.
Remember all when you like someone's addition give them a thumbs up it adds to their reputation. Nice work Butzy!
I would not wash in bleach I would just cut off the mold and eat the rest.
New Posts  All Forums: