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 The goal of this survey is to create a map of the community according to their interests. Not knowing all the ins and outs of it I think it is for the whole group. The ad tracking pixels that get fired (on just about every website you visit this day) then use sophisticated algorithms to serve up ads specific to you. So I think the survey gives an overall "lay of the land" for CHefTalk which narrows the ad pool. After that the individual ad servers get more specific to...
@teamfat @mathnerdm post pics of your finished products please.
Welcome Jay glad to have you.
Welcome Rachael glad to have you. What restaurant are you at? 
I have found two things make a world of difference. 1.) Do not over work the mix. Mix and be done. When you form your meatballs it should be 1-2 movements at most. 2.) I soak my bread in buttermilk it gives them a nice tang along with keeping them moist. Lastly don't over cook them.
Welcome Maximo glad to have you. What is your background in the food world? Your title says owner operator do you have your own restaurant?
@Jim Berman  I agree I just wish they had more option several of the questions did not have an answer for me.
ME:       Big surprise. ha ha
@Ishbel thanks!
Hi everyone!   For most of us using ChefTalk is often a love/hate relationship right? We love the site, the community but we HATE the ads. As many sites like ChefTalk are free the ads are a necessary component to helping us keep the site running. So we are asking everyone in the community to take a few minutes to take our personality quiz. This will help us present better, more relevant ads to the community. Onlines communities are comprised of give and take so we are...
New Posts  All Forums: