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There are actually some great resources in our knowledge base on truffles.                  
@petalsandcoco Thanks for that I enjoyed the photos and the reminder of having a great French onion soup in Paris from the movie clip
@AllanMcPherson Thanks for the note I will let the ad team know.
One family member who simply does not have the time is using Mariano's which is in Chicago and they have a fantastic deal for 8 people. Keep shopping around I am sure you can find a great deal if you look. Someone at church might even be willing to help you.
This is a good topic and discussion so please stay focused and respect one another's opinion. 
Welcome, sounds like a great setup where you work how many seats? Glad to have you at ChefTalk.com BTW.
Welcome we are glad to have you.
Welcome Buckeye and thanks for saying hi. Hope you find an answer your looking for the viking products are a big investment.
Welcome to ChefTalk I would love to see some pics of your ship and the kitchen if you feel up to sharing. What part of the world are you "floating" in at the moment?
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you. Many restaurant owners have never had any formal training but they have the main requirement which is a passion for good food and cooking. 
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