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@trettonhundra I guess if I were to do that I would use a small slit in the side of the scallop and pipe the puree into the scallop gently with a fine tip on a pastry bag or small piping I would make from parchment. I would probably wrap the scallop in blanched leek just to hold the filling in while cooking and then remove after serving. This is different from what you are doing but years ago I worked for a chef that used round pastries cutters and we would cut a small...
Welcome. Read  ​ if you want to read a dark interpretation of the kitchen life. Read the apprentice to learn about the art and craft of becoming a well respected chef. I also recommend  ​  and also  ​     
 Gregg, well said there is a huge difference between "I love to cook..." and "I love to cook professionally...". Sounds like you made the wise choice. Welcome to ChefTalk glad you joined up.
Welcome to ChefTalk.
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you.
What do you mean "Carving" course? 
This is one I bought a year ago:        Decent price but the first unit I received had issues with the temperature not getting high enough so I requested a replacement. This is ok but honestly I prefer using my dutch oven:      
Please use the photo gallery for this. Thanks.
@Jimyra  swears are absolutely frowned on. Stated so in the forum guidelines. Thanks.
I would think a reduction is exactly what you want. What is the purpose of this?
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