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That is because it is a link to an actual photo in the gallery not an article. We sometimes feature member photos we think are exceptional.
Fish should always be cooked as soon as you can. The longer it sits the more it loses it's freshness. If they are frozen you should take them out the night before that should be enough to thaw it in the fridge. To sear it no more than 5 minutes on one side in a pan on high heat. You need to let it sit in the pan to get a solid sear for at least 3 minutes but then check after to see how the sear is coming. Often you can tell by looking at the outer edges. Hope that helps.
A perfect edition to this book:      
I have it and I enjoy it quite a bit. The recipes seem more accessible than his first French Laundry. The fried chicken recipe is excellent.
I find using a pizza stone really helps. Of course your dough recipe makes a huge impact.Often I will heat up my grill with the pizza stone and it works out very well.
No need to be nervous we are a friendly forum (most of the time). Glad you joined and hope you find answers to some questions you may have.
Welcome chef we are glad you joined. If you would be so kind as to post a review of the culinary school you attended we would appreciate it. Let me know if you need some help with posting your review.
@kokopuffs  ha ha I was only asking about the glaze. You did not add any water just the preserves? And thanks for such a thorough explanation as a thank you I have featured your post on the homepage!  
Koko it is not enough to tell us you achieved it how did you do it? What is your ratio? What jam did you use?
Welcome to ChefTalk. I would love to hear some of your tips on cooking outdoors. Camp cooking can really be challenging for the inexperienced. I have often thought we should do some how-to articles for the community so if your up for it let me know. 
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