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Welcome, love your username...
Welcome we are glad you joined ChefTalk.com.
Welcome Mauricio glad to have you. 
Welcome it is great to have you. Please read through some of the threads in our culinary school section (it is not for everyone). 
Welcome! Military are always welcome here and we are indeed glad to have you sign up.
Welcome we are very glad to have you. Please consider posting a review of your school as it helps other students out.
Welcome, your adventure sounds incredible and I hope you will post some photos of your adventure and the food.
Stuffed peppers and yes they are swimming in olive oil (that is how i like them). The olive oil was from a friend who gave me some oil from his family olive harvest near Kalamata.   
@Rick Alan thanks for sharing that video that was truly impressive skill.
Welcome to ChefTalk we are always glad to have friends from "Down Under"...   Even if we are jealous of your nice weather. :)
New Posts  All Forums: