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@chefbuba you can also soak your bacon in water before (or after you smoke it) to remove some of the salt.
@chefbuba I am sure you already know this but if I over cure the bacon I do what you did cube it and freeze it and it is perfect salted pork. Excellent for soups actually.
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you. Belgium is a wonderful place and I enjoyed my time when I was there. Please let us know if you have any questions about the forums. And we encourage all members to post photos of their food work in our photo gallery.
Welcome Davide we are glad to have you. Your English isn't so bad and you are welcome to practice on us all you want. Would love to see some of your pastry work so please post photos of your work in our photo gallery.
mile widziany!  We are happy to have you and glad you joined ChefTalk. Where in Poland are you from?
Welcome Hank glad to have you. Are you considering heading into the professional kitchen or just sticking at home? Many discussions here about that transition.
Sanny welcome. My wife and I were in Austria (Vienna) last year and love it. Thanks for taking the step and posting an introduction. Where in Austria are you at?
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you. ChefTalk members often post photos of the kitchen remodel process since it is fun and gives ideas to other members. Please post photos of your remodel we would love to see them.
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you. If you are a culinary student or grad please post a review of your school. Thanks.
@chefbuba nice work is this your first time making bacon? First time I made it I was so intimidated about it most a fear of bacteria. You smoke at a much lower temp than I do but I notice with mine some of the bacon gets over cooked so I think I will lower my temp. Here are some photos of mine last batch:       You can see all the photos here step by step: http://www.cheftalk.com/g/a/141/bacon-i-made/
New Posts  All Forums: