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Please take photos and share! Happy Thaksgiving to you FF
We actually have some fantastic duck articles wayback in the archives thought I'd share them
I like the saffron idea over the turmeric. Can you post some photos of the finished product?
Yes, welcome to ChefTalk you are encouraged to ask questions.
Welcome to ChefTalk. Wow sounds like you have some great opportunities in front of you. If it were my choice I would be a private chef rather than the head ache of running a restaurant. You will probably have better life with out the stress and costs of running a big operation.
Welcome to ChefTalk (sorry for the late reply). You do not need to go to culinary school to become a chef. Start learning the basics, cuts, how to use a knife properly, how to make stocks, sauces. Just work for someone who is willing to be a mentor to you. 
Welcome, the food and cooking forum is your best bet.
Hi Denise welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you. I have added your culinary school to our culinary school section would you be willing to post a review?       Just click on the link above and you should see a place to review your school. Thanks!
Welcome to ChefTalk sounds like you have quite an adventure in front of you. Glad you joined the community.
Welcome to cheftalk. Do you work in a residence or on a yacht? Do you have any staff or are you a solo chef?
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