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@mbwestfall if it were me I would go with the bluestar it looks like it is better built and will last longer. While the Lacanche looks nice function over form for me. I have not used either of these but the bluestar looks very similar to what I used in the professional kitchen. Something that works great, can take a beating and will last a long time. 
Why not post some of the flavors you have already come up with so we have a better idea of what your thinking.
I am with @ordo it looks like you might of rolled it a bit thinner.
 I totally agree and your post made me laugh sometimes we get too nutty about the details and need to focus on just walking instead of driving to get the mail. After 15+ years of sitting at a desk I have made some major changes. Bought a standing desk and not stand more of the day instead of sit. Pretty consistently walking 3-5 miles ever evening after work. It has been discouraging to see how out of shape I let myself get but slow but surely I am seeing progress. Boy do I...
@mathnerdm post some picks. I am also going to invite one of our resident pasta experts @Jim Berman to throw in his two cents.   @Jim Berman has written an excellent How-To here:       
Welcome Patricia glad to have you. I saw your post about bycatch but I have never heard that term before maybe you can explain it a bit.
@cheflayne if there is no positive benefit to anyone in the community from this discussion lock it down. No point in spiralling any further into the dark abyss. 
      @Grande while I agree with you that it is a dough I view fresh pasta more as a dumpling not a bread dough or pancake. And yes often overworking the dough as in all doughs to create a tough product. @mathnerdm what type of flour did you use?
@Zagut It really is about what works for each person in your a case a pencil and paper for others some app or nifty gadget. The goal is exercise and I don't it is in question our reasons for exercise our reasons are finding a way to be motivated. I do agree with you that 99.00 is a lot for a fitness tracker but for myself I tried other pedometers and just felt they were not very good for my needs. The fitbit is newer technology so I am giving it a try. Like I said to each...
@Patraicemery welcome glad to have you. Would love to hear more about venturing crew sounds pretty cool. Where are you attending culinary school?
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