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Welcome ChefTalk we are glad you joined. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Welcome to cheftalk we are glad you joined.   This forum is for intros only if you would like to talk more about the difficulties of working in the kitchen and being deaf please use the pro forums for that. We also ask that new members not post links to external websites.
Welcome to cheftalk glad to have you.
The winners of the Culinary School Review Contest Are:     1st Place   @torchskitchen             2nd Place @Carrie'           3rd Place @Chefstevenwoehl           Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the thoughtful contributions. Please look for a PM from Nicko about how to receive your prize.
We actually have some excellent tutorials on how to make ice cream.                              
I agree with @BlueWolf  Sitram is a great brand for the money I own a pot and it is still in great shape after many years.
Lets go we are 3 days into August.    What is our next topic?
@Arctic Dough welcome! Tommi glad you signed up and I sincerely hope that the career switch will be a good one for you. There are few industries that I consider tougher than the the kitchen and the gaming industry is one of them. A friend of mine is a game designer like you and worked for Midway. I was blown away by the amount of hours he and his team had to work to get the games to production just after a movie release etc.    Working in the food business is so much...
For those who don't know you where is your home country and where about in your home country since it is a big place?
@Dlee  this is not an elgible entry you need to post this review here:   http://www.cheftalk.com/products/johnson-and-wales-university-north-miami
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