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My personal thought is the owner should also offer some kind of restitution for the mistakes. It is a token of good will and I makes all the difference between keeping a customer for life and just having them for one visit. Here are a few other discussions from the community on a similar topic:              
@dblak656 and @ddaniel727 don't forget to post a review of your culinary school for a chance to win some awesome prizes.      
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad you joined!
@Paula Malloch welcome we are glad you joined. Lately we have had an influx of caterers and we are starting to see more discussion in that area. Feel free to jump in and if you have ideas for improvements let us know. 
@Cerise our community guidelines are pretty easy to find they are featured on the right sidebard and you can search for community guidelines.         To be frank with you I feel your statements are very high level and broad. ChefTalk has always prided itself on being a pretty friendly and accommodating community. Can you provide (via private message not here) examples of your "Angry Pack".   Speaking of avatars we do try to review avatars but there are many signups...
There is a great article by chef @James Berman here:      
No worries we will have some other contests coming up for a chance to win prizes just as nice!
Hey All, the contest is live today see how you can enter to win the Jende Custom Knife Roll:      
Did you attend culinary school? Then take a little time and enter the  ​ for a chance to win one of three amazing prizes:      1st place Jende Custom Leather Knife Roll (Valued at $500.00)       2nd place Jende Spirit Blade Custom Petty (Valued at $450.00)       3rd place JChef Pak Edge Backpack and Knife Case (Valued at $109.00)
If you have questions post them here. Or you can send @Nicko a private message.
New Posts  All Forums: