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 @SandSquid congrats and nice work. Above I have quoted you and highlighted in red what I wish every culinary student (current and to be) would read. This pretty much sums up for mt the reality of culinary school. You fostered a great relationship with your instructor Your instructor had an excellent opportunity which he choose to give you because you worked hard and established trust and a good work ethic Working out in the field (NOT culinary school) really gave you a...
Try this please:   Log out of ChefTalk Clearing your browser cache and cookies Then, log back in?
Just throwing my 2 cents in on this one but when you come out of culinary school you are at the bottom so you will have to find a way to make your lifestyle fit your income. When I graduated from the  ​ (1991) I got a job at one of the best restaurants in Chicago making $8.00 an hour with no parking allowance or health benefits. You will have to work your way up and as Panini said include the many expenses you left out. One option which I am a big fan of in the US is...
@plumpycheeks (great username  )    I honestly think that all "1st days" at culinary school are the same. That being you are simply trying to get a lay of the land and figure out who your peers are. My best advice to you is not to get caught up competing with your colleagues but focus on the task at hand which is understanding the basic principles of cooking. When I was in culinary school we had to partner with someone at certain phases and it is key you partner with the...
@ChrisBelgium yes the eggplants are first salted then about an hour later rinsed and dried. After that it is a standard breading (flour, egg, breadcrumb). Heat your oven to 425 and put the hotels pans in for about 15 min then pull them out, coat pan with olive oil (I  use spray) then put the eggplants on and bake them till golden brown. When you cook the parmesan the eggplants are not soggy and mush but nice and crispy. CHeeses are whole milk mozzarella and parmesan.
Although I am not a pastry person my first thought is that the more mass of dough you have requires you to cook it at a slighter cooler temp and for longer. If your measurements are accurate then the type of measure you use should not make a difference.
I am really sorry about this. Let me log in and see what is the problem.
@Mike9 I received many compliments on it so I think it came out just right. I have switched from frying the eggplants to baking them and what a difference. It is a lot more work (not a bit more, a lot more ) but worth it. Thanks for the compliment btw.
Your title says you are a professional baker so I am curious why you are asking a question you should know the answer to? Are you mis-titled?
Have been lazy about posting but always feel it is nothing worthy of your attention. Here is something I am truly proud of.                      
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