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@Jacob Brown You will get a basic set of tools but you will quickly outfit it once you get into school. After the cooking classes started at school I remember most of us exchanging our knife rolls for tool boxes lined with styrofoam. Some of the tools I remember are:   Wooden spoon high heat spatula whisk extra pairing knife peeler zester   Often the kitchens had these but you were competing with 30 other students for what the kitchen had so you were better off...
I have not used this attachment but it is cheap enough at $36.00 you could try it. Are you looking to grate a large volume of cheese for a professional setting or home?
Welcome, glad to have you.
Welcome Josh glad to have you. Hope you find our site useful to you.
@PecheMignon I think you are smart to be a bit of a control freak in the beginning. Many food operations fail simple because people don't do their due diligence and understand their costs and logistics. I highly recommend many practice runs with your friends before going public. Then do a soft opening and test out your concept. You may not have the recipes where they need to be and have to tweak them a bit so they are perfect.   One thing about crepes is they are a...
@Alexbel You might be interested that many chefs have posted some great articles with photos on how to make stock.              
@TrainMeUp Sadly I can't award the winning dish. The way it works is the winner of the previous challenge picks the topic for the current month and at the end picks the winner. Great dish you posted but, it remains to be seen if it will be the winner there is still a lot of month left. 
That is a beautiful knife roll incredible work.
Welcome to ChefTalk. If you want to share more photos use our photo gallery. 
Welcome chef glad you decided to sign up with us. 
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