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 Great advice @ChefBillyB
Hi James glad you joined up with ChefTalk. What a tough break for you I am truly sorry to hear how this is affecting your work. I am sure you have been down this path already but what does your doctor say? My first instinct would be to tell you to be honest with who is hiring you so that you don't feel pressure to cover up your condition. Ask them to start you out on small tasks and work your way from there. I also would not advise you to keep changing jobs that never...
Welcome to CHefTalk glad you joined up. On average how many students to you have to cook for each day in your division?
Welcome to ChefTalk glad you joined up. Where about are you attending culinary school? We ask that all culinary students post a review of their school so please head over to our culinary school review sections and post a review.    http://www.cheftalk.com/products/category/culinary-schools
@SylviaM that reminds of something you would have on camping trip or from the chuck wagon with cowboys. My mouth is watering.
Great! So I did a search of "personal chef" and we have over 8,000 posts. Here are a couple highlights.                    
@Hank  really like that idea I am definitely doing that.
That is a tough break but let it be a wake up call to you it is how it goes. Years ago I went through numerous interviews only to find out after weeks of interviews with different people, cooking test for the staff and so on the chef had left and they could not hire me till a new chef was in place.    Working at the homeless shelter is not all bad and I certainly would not let that stop me from seeking out other restaurants and switching. Let me give you one piece of...
Found this sorry there has not been much help with this thread.  
I agree and also would add that this really is a lost technique you just don't see many restaurants or home kitchens larding. 
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