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Please use the photo gallery for this. Thanks.
@Jimyra  swears are absolutely frowned on. Stated so in the forum guidelines. Thanks.
I would think a reduction is exactly what you want. What is the purpose of this?
You should be fine making your dough ahead of time I think you probably just need to leave it out at room temp for a while to warm up properly. One suggestion for the left over dough is we would roll it out sprinkle it with cinnamon, sugar then roll it and slice the rolls and bake them. They were a nice treat for the kids and everyone seemed to enjoy them.Nothing fancy of course just a way to use up the dough.   @chefpeon any tips for making pie dough in advance?
@musiclvr56  If you want to puree them you can either use an immersion blender or a regular blender. I like to puree a 3/4 of my bean soups and leave 1/4 for texture. 
Duck fat     Lets see if I can share some ideas;   Saute your veggies with it Fry your morning eggs with the fat make a Rillettes out of the left over duck and use the fat to seal it. 
Please take photos and share! Happy Thaksgiving to you FF
We actually have some fantastic duck articles wayback in the archives thought I'd share them
I like the saffron idea over the turmeric. Can you post some photos of the finished product?
Yes, welcome to ChefTalk you are encouraged to ask questions.
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