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My mistake all carry on. 
Very old thread but I post an article on how to tell a male from female lobster with photos.      
@Cerise can you send me a pm with your email and I will see if I can update it.
Watch the discussion all lets stay on track and not focus on calling one cheeky or wrong. Thanks,
Fantastic post thanks for sharing!!! Your kitchen looks amazing and a wonderful place to cook. Where did you order the butcher block counter from and how much did that set you back?
@AaronJack93 Can you describe a little of what taking an online culinary class is like. I it hard to comprehend how a gourmet cooking class would work in an online setting. Are there videos? Do you practice at home then go in and take a practical?
@SandSquid Yeah but to what end are you sharing the development. I mean the point of this discussion really needs to be how you are learning to deal with difficult people. And to Michael's point man you better learn to deal with it because you are going to be dealing with knuckle heads in the kitchen all through your career.    To echo Michael's sentiment I to am not trying to be a jerk to you but you need to come up with a solution for how to deal with this. Let me...
@teamfat slippery you say that is wild. What brand pan did you go with? I have yet to try them just because they are so darn costly and I am not a big fan of spending a lot of cash on non-stick pans since they don't last long anyway.
Simply echoing what everyone else has said. Tourne, brunoise, large dice, small, peeling fruit it all takes time and no one expects you to know how to do it right out of the gate. It can be very intimidating but if your are serious about what your doing then you will do what the rest of us did and buy a big bag of potatoes and practice and hopefully learn how to make some great mashed potatoes in the process. You will gain confidence after time so don't let your lack of...
@emmbai90 Don't wait for people to show you how to learn to care for knives ask. Take time after school, be assertive and ask a chef to show you. As for a place providing knives, always bring your own. The last thing you want is a knife at a kitchen that 30 other cooks have been using that is dull and now you are stuck with it for the next 8+ hours and have to cut onions and everything else. I also would say that bringing your knives to work has nothing to do with the...
New Posts  All Forums: