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Hey Chef Kurt welcome we are glad you joined. Thank you for sharing your background which seems quite extensive. Can you take your question part of your post and post it in our pro forums?
Hi Laura welcome. Sounds like a great job teaching kids to cook do you do that for a public school or just out of your home?
Hi Cindy glad to have you. Do you bake and make candy for fun or do you also run a business?
Welcome glad to have you.
Welcome glad to have you. We have had a number of discussions on Sous Vide and while it seems to be gaining in popularity with pro kitchens not so much with the home chef.
Welcome and I like your username. Let us know if you have any questions.
Welcome chef and thanks for the compliment. There is nothing I would not enjoy more than a gastro pub crawl in England. Any favorite pubs you can recommend if I make it there?
Welcome Emma glad you joined ChefTalk. Sounds like you are off to a great start with your culinary career. Where in France have you been working? If your looking for summer vacation I spent the summer in Santorini Greece working in a great kitchen. You can easily find work there and enjoy the beautiful island.
Welcome to ChefTalk. Although it would be a tough transition to the professional kitchen many people do it. I think that most don't have any idea that there is an ocean of difference between the love of cooking and working a professional kitchen. 
Welcome hope to see some photo posts of things you are working on. Let us know if you have any questions about the forums.
New Posts  All Forums: