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Welcome, I would love to hear how you went from getting a PHD to running a craft beer restaurant. 
Welcome to CHefTalk we are glad you joined. We have had many students from LCB but non from Spain. When did you graduate or are you still in school?
There are only a handful of moderators for a large community and it is not (and has never been) an easy job. In my experience with ChefTalk  there are members who make the moderators job easy and those who create more work. We tend to be more heavy handed and critical of users that create more work for us. These types of members often do not promote a positive atmosphere and contribute to new members feeling uncomfortable. Typical characteristics are being critical of...
You can freeze pasta and I have for things such as that prepared in lasagna or shells. I would just dry it and then store it I don't think a dehydrator is necessary.
@phatch is on to something. What I would do is pre-heat your plates prior to plating and use the place mats. This is an interesting discussion I would of never thought about this problem with granite counter tops. I have never heard anyone comment on it. Maybe the next big trend will heated counter tops.
Place mats would be my first thought.
Urbani is a good supplier they actually sent us samples that we tested. Here are the links to the reviews.                    
Welcome to cheftalk we are glad you joined. What school did you graduate from and where are you working now?
I don't understand what you mean by KM prep lists what does KM refer to? 
Really nice can you share the recipe?
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