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@Loomchick have you tried adding the dairy after you brown the meet? This adds sweetness and also helps lift up the fond. You can then reduce it a bit so it has more richness. I actually learned this technique from Cook's Illustrated  ​ they use this technique in their Bolognese sauce.   Thanks for sharing your recipe.
Did you know that ChefTalk has a Trading Forum? That's is correct and it is set up in a completely different way than the rest of the forums. It is specially designed so you can sell your old:   Kitchen Gear Pots and Pans Knives Cook Books Aprons You Name It!   This is not like Ebay where ChefTalk gets a cut it is just a forum that allows you to sell your gear for no cost at all.    Why not off load some old kitchen gear you have been meaning to in the...
@Meezenplaz no not at all but thank you for sharing that. All members are encourage to just say a quick welcome to ChefTalk. It can be for some very intimidating to join a forum and start posting. 
Hey All,   If you find yourself in the forums and nothing sparks your interest then please consider greeting someone in our Welcome Forums. It only takes a minute and you will be helping out ChefTalk in a small way. Consider greeting one new member a week!           Thanks for your help.     Nicko
Welcome @jroliveri glad you joined up with ChefTalk. What culinary school are you attending? Please consider posting a review about your school this really helps us out.
Welcome @jonijan glad you joined up with us. Isn't looking through old bookstores (thing of the past these days) and estate sales for rare cookbooks enjoyable? Especially when you find an old 70's copy of  ​ ? Be sure to join in on our monthly cooking challenges this month is peppers      
Welcome @TickTockTunnel glad you joined. Be sure to join in on the monthly challenges it is a great way to get to know people.      
Welcome @rangertom54 any chance you are a forest ranger or army ranger that is going to food service route now? Either way welcome and thanks for joining up with ChefTalk. How is the food truck coming we would love to see some photos which can upload to the photo gallery section of the site.
Welcome @foody518  glad you joined. What part of Texas are you from and what are some of the local specialties?  Be sure to join in on our monthly cooking challenges.      
Welcome @chocostudent glad you joined ChefTalk. Please let us know if you have any questions on how to use the site. Be sure to join in on our monthly challenges.      
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