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Welcome chef we are glad to have you at ChefTalk.com. Sounds like you have really spent some time in the trenches. It will be great to hear your perspective on the cooking industry. Let us know if you have any questions.
Welcome chef we are glad to have you at ChefTalk.com. Let us know if you have any questions.
Hey @GeneMachine that is pretty cool who makes that?
@jaywilliams413 I hope it is a good move for you. As of late I have been very down on the CIA not because it isn't a good school but because it is such a costly investment. When I attended the school it was $25K now I believe it is $60K for a two year program. Although you did not ask I will give you my opinion. If you are going into debt to get the degree please realize it is going to take a very long time to pay off that debt on a cook's salary. When I graduated I was...
@pastrylove96 We also have a culinary school review area here and there are some reviews of some of the schools you are asking about.            
@pastrylove96 have you decided? If so what did you choose. As someone who faced what you are now facing I wish I would of thought a little differently when I started out. What I mean is I wanted to be a chef and that meant going to school. I "HAD" to go to school it seemed like the only way.What I wish I would of done was spent more time in the industry working in different places to get a feel for what I wanted to do. Being a pastry chef can mean many things all of which...
Wow how exciting. Don't be scared just don't worry about grades or the competition just focus on the ratios and the concepts. I am curious why you choose the NY campus over the CA?
Thanks guys I went back to the ad providers we will get this resolved. I know they are a pain at times but the ads are what keep the lights on. :)
Welcome we are glad to have you at ChefTalk.com.
Hey guys here is the scoop. There were some Verizon ads that were causing issues and a block was put in a few days ago. Please let me know if you continue to experience problems and let me know which ones are prompting audio. They shouldn't be doing that and we've been in contact with the advertiser recently about it.     Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: