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Welcome chef glad to have you. Nothing like packing up the knives and hitting the road eh? That is what I did back in my youthful twenties. Not as many countries (4) but still the same idea. Really helps you expand your cooking I believe. Glad to have you chef and we look forward to learning from you.
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you!
Welcome to ChefTalk. Your questions might be a bit better if you posted them one at a time and started a meaningful discussion about the topic.
Welcome to ChefTalk! That is pretty cool that you grew stevia I did not know that you could do that. If you feel up to it you should post a how-to in our articles section on growing and harvesting stevia I would be very interested in seeing the start to finish process. Again welcome and thanks for joining.
Welcome we are glad to have you at ChefTalk. We encourage all Culinary Students to please post a review of their culinary school in our culinary school reviews sections. 
Welcome chef we are glad to have you. Congrats on opening up your own place I think that is the best move. It is something I wish I would of done but never had the courage. Looking forward to your posts.
There are actually some great resources in our knowledge base on truffles.                  
@petalsandcoco Thanks for that I enjoyed the photos and the reminder of having a great French onion soup in Paris from the movie clip
@AllanMcPherson Thanks for the note I will let the ad team know.
One family member who simply does not have the time is using Mariano's which is in Chicago and they have a fantastic deal for 8 people. Keep shopping around I am sure you can find a great deal if you look. Someone at church might even be willing to help you.
New Posts  All Forums: