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The freezing seems to be one of the better methods but I also prefer just the long slow braise with no liquid. @Sunny Cooks can you post the youtube video? Use the little Film strip icon to do so. THanks.
@ordo that is awesome !!!!!! Thank you for sharing the photo a picture truly is worth a 1,000 words.
Creative Cakes Cake Momma
Uggh I am an idiot (do not respond to that :-) ). Thanks @chefbuba.
@packrat79 I have to apologize I did not read your entire post. Looks like you did call Uncle Ben's and got your answer. As to why they changed it is would probably be due to revenue but who knows. My advice would be to buy up what you can off the internet till you can find a suitable alternative. As for writing Uncle Ben's about this product I honestly don't think it has the pull of the twinkies which are much more steeped in Americana and our culture.
No this is not a homegrown spit it is manufactured in Chicago by XL manufacturing and costs about 250.00.
@Koukouvagia The topic is what happened to this product not why this person chooses it. Why they choose that rice is a completely different discussion and probably more suited to a private message.
Well you don't know they are changing their line only that your local store can't get it. Contact Uncle Ben's they have a customer service dept so I am sure they can answer your questions. It is a good lesson though to always have a backup product line for whatever you are using.
@packrat79  this is interesting have you contacted Uncle Ben's? A quick google search turns up nothing and a look at their website still shows they offer the product. You can also purchase it via Amazon so that might be an option if you buy it by the case.   And I agree with you sometimes you just want some instant rice not the rice cooker or anything else. My wife and I use instant rice often as well as regular rice it all depends what you have time for.
@teamfat I also use google My Tracks app and it works ok. The ftibit seems to have more details so I am going to give it a try and will report back.
New Posts  All Forums: