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Welcome to cheftalk and thanks for the compliments. You should dive into our monthly food challenges I think you would enjoy it. Not cut throat just good fun.          
Welcome, where exactly are you looking to work. Almost all U.S. schools offer financial assistance.
I recommend the following for a new cook. They test and re-test the formulas and discuss what works.    
Agar agar comes to mind. Chef Peter Marting did a two part series on thickeners that may be of some help to you:                       Two books I would recommend are:      and    
Looks fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing the details
Ok but for anyone else who reads your post what kind of glaze and what were you using instead of butter? Margarine?
When you work a stage the pay off is you can say you worked in the restaurant and learned what you needed to. These things happen don't make a big deal out of it. I once interviewed for a position with the Lettuce Entertain you group. Went through three rounds of interviews and did a mystery cooking basket for the management. Weeks go by and heard nothing and finally found out the chef had left and they would have to start the interview process over with the new...
What type of glaze and what are you glazing?
Are you doing this on a mobile device or desktop?
Back from the dead to post a link to a water filter. Painful
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