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@phatch is on to something. What I would do is pre-heat your plates prior to plating and use the place mats. This is an interesting discussion I would of never thought about this problem with granite counter tops. I have never heard anyone comment on it. Maybe the next big trend will heated counter tops.
Place mats would be my first thought.
Urbani is a good supplier they actually sent us samples that we tested. Here are the links to the reviews.                    
Welcome to cheftalk we are glad you joined. What school did you graduate from and where are you working now?
I don't understand what you mean by KM prep lists what does KM refer to? 
Really nice can you share the recipe?
I used to think like this and now I honestly don't care. The omelette police won't come and arrest you. Once, when I was cooking breakfast at the four seasons hotel a woman ordered an omelette with strawberries in it. The smoked salmon sounds great and mozzeralla sounds like a nice addition. To compliment the smoke of the salmon add smoked mozzarella. Again let me emphasize the omelette police won't come and arrest you.    If you are concerned about anything be more...
Welcome to CHefTalk glad you joined up with us.
Hi Jay,   Really glad you joined and I am sorry to hear about your accident. It is very inspiring to me that you are still pursuing your dream in spite of what happened. I would imagine that over time your sense of smell and taste will be more refined than the average chef/cook and that will be a huge plus for you. 
Welcome back so great to hear from you! Please share some of your menus for the guests I would love to read them.
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