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Welcome CitizenJB glad you joined us. Your kitchen sounds interesting and I would love to see your menu do you mind posting it?
Welcome Dawn! Your family must be pretty happy to have you cooking for them. Where abouts in Italy did you train? I spent time in the Parma region (Polesine) to be exact. Congrats on getting back into the business I think you will find some great advice here from the crew.   Just a reminder we encourage all new members to post a review of their culinary school here:   http://www.cheftalk.com/products/category/culinary-schools   Thanks,
@WildChef1  to be eligible for the contest you have to post the review of your cutting board here:  http://www.cheftalk.com/products/category/cutting-boards   One you do that you will be entered in the giveaway!  
We are impressed so much so we featured it on the facebook page!
Now you might know we have a nifty  ​ going on this week which is sponsored by Boos Butcher Blocks.   Of course a boos block is amazing but this board is my favorite. Hand made by our very own @Mezzaluna Totally AWESOME Mezz!!!!  
Awesome Mary that is great. Thank you for adding them!
We have some great reviews rolling in so get your review posted. Just to clarify it does not matter what cutting board you are reviewing just post a review of your favorite/most used cutting board.
Welcome @Ham Bone glad you joined. All new users posts are moderated (to reduce the spammers). Not that you are an official member why not join our  ​ 
Hey Everyone,   John Boos butcher blocks is sponsoring are ​  and it is great to have such a fantastic company sponsoring this giveaway. They have donated a really nice prep master cutting board to give to a ChefTalk community member.    We have a ton of cutting board brands so you should be able to find your cutting board here:   http://www.cheftalk.com/products/category/cutting-boards   However if you don't see it let us know and we can easily add it. Or, if you...
@Lagom that is a good book. Lately we have had a revival in catering discussions and it got me wondering if there are any good books out there. I would like to add them to the ChefTalk database as a resource for people. Here are a few I know of.                                  
New Posts  All Forums: