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I used to think like this and now I honestly don't care. The omelette police won't come and arrest you. Once, when I was cooking breakfast at the four seasons hotel a woman ordered an omelette with strawberries in it. The smoked salmon sounds great and mozzeralla sounds like a nice addition. To compliment the smoke of the salmon add smoked mozzarella. Again let me emphasize the omelette police won't come and arrest you.    If you are concerned about anything be more...
Welcome to CHefTalk glad you joined up with us.
Hi Jay,   Really glad you joined and I am sorry to hear about your accident. It is very inspiring to me that you are still pursuing your dream in spite of what happened. I would imagine that over time your sense of smell and taste will be more refined than the average chef/cook and that will be a huge plus for you. 
Welcome back so great to hear from you! Please share some of your menus for the guests I would love to read them.
This is great thanks for sharing but would you please post a review in our official reviews section? It is easier for students to find the info. If you need help let me know. Thanks.
Wow who would of thought there was so much love for tuna fish sandwhich these are great ideas. I am going to try them and try and post some photos. THANK You
Herzlich willkommen we are glad you joined. 
I often make tuna fish sandwiches for my lunch and they are good but nothing to write home about. I was wondering what others do to prepare a great tuna fish base? Here are my basic ingredients.   Canned Tuna Fish (what brands do your prefer?) Small-fine dice onion Mayo (what is your preferred brand (See this thread I started a while back:  ​ ). Or do you make your own?) Fresh dill Little Dijon Mustard Few drops of Tabasco Few drops of Worcestershire sauce Salt...
I think you are making a bigger issue out of this then not. Simply speak up and ask the woman. Do it in a kind and considerate manner and just point out that you did not add the ingredient. If she doesn't understand speak with the chef and explain. The problem is you, let it go instead of asserting yourself about something you knew was not right. Be assertive in the kitchen but be kind and decent. People have a lot on their minds and sometimes they just space out an...
Yep, a friend of mine does bbq competitions and has a large family and has a couple of them. Great tools.
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