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@Lagom why does she want to be a professional chef? This pretty much says it all to me:  
Welcome, we are glad to have you at ChefTalk. Thanks for sharing your awesome food photos.
Welcome HerkulesChef we are glad to have you at ChefTalk.com. Please take advantage of our photo galleries and share your food creations.
Welcome to ChefTalk. We have a lot of excellent discussions in our catering forum archives but some new discussions would help liven up that forum so head on over there.
Welcome fish4life glad to have you in the ChefTalk.com forums. The monthly food challenges are a great way to dive in and this month is rice. 
@teamfat me to. Back when I was behind the line we used to smoke tomatoes and prepare a smoked tomato buerre blanc. It was excellent.
BDL left without a word to anyone and he no longer posts on his blog either. While his posts where often informative his style of communication tended to dominate every discussion. Since he moved on the trend has been that other experts such as @Galley Swiller and @Phaedrus (to name a few) emerged and I think it is a good thing. We give him a world of credit for helping build up the knife forums here at ChefTalk.com and to that I take my hat off to him.
Welcome @missmacaron we are glad to have you. We have tons of discussions about macaroons and you see many of them in our macaroon section here.   http://www.cheftalk.com/tag/macarons
Welcome glad to have you at ChefTalk.com
Welcome to ChefTalk.com. This is a welcome forum so why don't you re-post your question in the food-cooking forum.   Glad you found some new insight into what food can be and hope you enjoy being a member at ChefTalk.com
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