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Welcome Phil glad you joined. Hey if you are willing we would love to see you post some articles/photos about how to prepare Hawaiian dishes. 
Welcome Amanda glad you joined Cheftalk. My advice to you is the same for everyone. It is entirely two different worlds for those who love to cook and those who love to cook professionally. Do not spend a lot of money switching to a culinary career without first working in the business for at least six months but preferably a year. It can be a tough life and it is especially tough on the family unless you want to open up a bakeshop with your family. I have seen it work and...
Welcome to ChefTalk glad you joined. I would suggest you ask a separate question about anxiety as this forum is really just for introducing yourself. Anxiety is a normal thing for a young cook. It took me quite a few years till I felt completely relaxed in the kitchen. It will lessen the more confident you become in your skills. One simple thing you can do is get to work early and get all of your mise en place ready before service. Nothing raises your anxiety level more...
Welcome Darrell glad you signed up with ChefTalk. Hope you find the forums helpful.
Welcome Ellen we are glad you joined CHefTalk. We have some great photos of confections in the photo gallery and I would encourage you to share some of your work as well.
Look through the photo gallery there are tons of photos on garnishing.
I don't think you can go wrong with the DeBuyer pans but this is what we used to cook on in the kitchens. The all clad pans are great for home use in my opinion. Buy them once, take care of them and have them for the next 10-15 years.      
Welcome we are glad you joined CHefTalk. Belgium is a wonderful country to visit and My wife and I enjoyed vacationing there a few years back. We had a wonderful meal at Comi Chez Soi.
A good paella pan
The particular brand/label does not matter. Taste the wine and if it tastes good then use it. If it isn't something you wouldn't drink yourself don't use it. You do not need to spend a lot on wine for cooking. You are simply looking for something with good tannins and to release the fond when you deglaze. 
New Posts  All Forums: