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Of course he is welcome! In fact he would be the first of many cutco reps that actually want to defend their brand. I will tell you I have not found one ChefTalk member in 14 years that raves about or uses Cutco. So please invite him and make sure he lets me know he joined the forums.
 @MichaelGA I keep asking my wife if I can bring the smoker in the house but she is really being difficult about it.  Seriously I do have it in my garage which helps but with the Chicago weather lately it has been cold.  Once I get the temp set I can usually keep it where I want but forget about opening the door. Once I do that it is so small and so poorly insulated that the heat drops right out of it. For smoking my large cuts of meat such as hams I put a thermometer that...
@kuan Thanks! Usually I do a straight plain cure (Kosher salt and pink salt (curing salt)). The other problem I often have is my bradley smoker is not very good about getting up to temp and staying there. This bacon I smoked at 200 consistently for 2 hours and so it did not come out quite as crispy as my usual stuff. Although Bradley Smokers does not recommend it I have taken to putting a small sterno inside which seems to help it heat up and stay at the right...
@kokopuffs So I cured this less than my usual 7 days. I added a little molasses and brown sugar. Came out of the smoker a day ago and I will be slicing it up tonight. Sorry my picture taking skills are horrible but someday I plan to spend a week with @ChrisBelgium learning how to take better food photos.               
@PotNoodle "embedding" simply means taking content that is already on ChefTalk such as an article, discussion thread or product and instead of just pasting a link in your post you use our embed tool to share the existing resource. You can't embed content that is not on other sites. If you wanted to embed your recipes you would first have to post the in the recipe forum. After that if you were participating in a different discussion on ChefTalk and your recipe was relevant...
@left4bread if you like their posts don't forget to give them a thumbs up. Very informative posts chefs thank you!
Yes they are and the  ​ (any of them) are also induction safe.
Hey Guys hope you don't mind me jumping in to share. Chef @Pete who is a regular writer for ChefTalk and has his on excellent blog (onceachef.com) has recently been doing some fermentation pieces for ChefTalk. One is a product review and the other on Sauerkraut.            
So I am in complete agreement with Pete and Layne lets get back on topic. I did a clean up of posts that were not on target with the thread.    For myself @Koukouvagia yes without wanting to hurt yours anyone else feelings for that matter.I truly feel that people have forgotten what the "soul" of a good meal is. Not it is all about hype and "have you been to so and sos new restaurant". Food was about coming together at the table and that was the point. If anything the...
An interesting interview with David Chang on Culinary Schools.  http://eater.com/archives/2013/07/11/david-chang-on-culinary-school-the-system-is-broken.php
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