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I was curious what is everyone's preferred "Dry" white wine when cooking. Not just vinyard but also the type of wine you prefer (Chablis, Pinot Gris etc etc).  It would be interesting to hear from a mix of pros and non pros. Typically I go with an inexpensive Chablis (think Aldi $4.00 options) that is drinkable. I am also curious if anyone uses Pernod for the dry white cooking wine. There is an old thread from 2005 regarding this but I wanted to hear some updated replies...
Soups and casseroles come to mind 
Pricing can be one of the most difficult aspects of catering it really is the make or break. I would like to ask you how much experience do you have in catering? Have you worked for a professional caterer? Working for a profitable caterer for a year and learning how they price their menus might be the best option for you. I personally have done a fair amount of catering both high volume and for smaller intimate parties. One of the biggest mistakes I made was under pricing...
Welcome to ChefTalk your post should be approved. Let us know if you have questions about the forums.
This is great news thank your for letting us know about the discount offer.
Your post was held for moderation as all first time posters are. It has been approved you should see it now. 
Welcome to ChefTalk glad to have you in the community. How is school going for you? If you would please post a review of your culinary school as it helps other students out trying to decide on the right school.    Thanks,
Welcome to ChefTalk thanks for sharing your story. I went to the  ​  and found the same experience that the hours wear you out but the energy of working the line and the creativity really spur you on. If you wouldn't mind please take some time and post a review of your culinary school. THanks.
Welcome Chef it must be an amazing culture to work in and the food products must be spectacular. It would be appreciated if you posted some photos of the markets and food where you are working. Thanks. 
Welcome to ChefTalk Rose we are glad you joined. What part of Poland are you from? It is a country I have always wanted to visit but have not been able to travel there yet.   Please let us know if you have any questions about ChefTalk.
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