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This school is in my city and it has an excellent reputation run by one of the best pastry chefs in Chicago. Before you spend a ton of cash to go to the school what is your experience and your goals? Have you worked in professional pastry shop before? Do you want to own your own shop, work in a fine hotel, make chocolates, work on a cruise ship? If you have not worked in the industry then do not go to school. You must work first in the industry at some capacity and then go...
Mine is pretty much the same as @chefwriter 's recipe so I would start there. I would bring it down a bit as those ratios would make a fair amount of tapende. Of course you can freeze it or put it in jars I often do this with pesto and tapenade. And yes, often we used to use Tapende as a sauce for pasta it is great on grilled bread also.       
We are almost exclusive aldi shoppers unless we need something extra special or seafood. The wines are some great deals much like trader joes.   @Dagger I would be if you put in a request at your local whole foods they will order some of the Grafton truffle cheddar. 
I don't ever remember using a pestle just a ladle or spoon. I think it is not entirely necessary myself. 
 I have heard this is a great way to remove adhesives also especially for bumper stickers etc. What about bar keepers friend?
You sound like a man with a plan and that is a good thing in the food industry. Thanks for also sharing your wisdom about going to a high end culinary school that will put you in debt for a degree that will take you years and years to pay off at a cook's wages.   If you would be so kind we ask all culinary grads to post a review of their culinary school in our reviews section. Helps other students make the right choice. Welcome to ChefTalk
Welcome glad you joined the community. Are you the chef at the cafe? What type of food truck are you thinking of opening?
We actually have an excellent article on how to make it yourself.      One thing you might consider is finding a local chef and asking if you can purchase some directly that would be my suggestion.
Bonjour! Very nice to meet you and with all your families experience I bet you have some pretty incredible stories to share. What type of restaurant will you be opening? I can't help but think how intimidating it would be to open a restaurant in France. As they are very particular about the food.      Are you taking over an existing space or starting from the ground up? Hope you share more about this adventure it will be interesting to see how it goes.
Welcome to ChefTalk glad to have you. What station are you working?
New Posts  All Forums: