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Welcome Mina, congratulations on making the 1 year mark that is tougher than most people think. Is your customer base mostly regulars at this point or is it still a lot of new faces coming in the door?   Let me or the moderators know if you have any questions about the forums or site we are happy to help.
Welcome we are glad you signed up for ChefTalk. If you are looking for advice you are in good hands with the knife community here they are very passionate about the right cooking knife. Let me know if you have any questions about ChefTalk.
Welcome to ChefTalk. Is there a particular point you are trying to prove with your study? One gender has a harder time than the other etc?
Welcome Chris glad to have you. I am curious if your are starting over why start with fast food? Why not move up a notch and start refining your technique?   Let us know if you have any questions about ChefTalk.
Hot cross buns? My wife's Grandmother's favorite we always get these for her and to enjoy ourselves. I don't understand the title though? 
Great articles on ChefTalk                
Previous posts removed completely off topic. Start a new discussion please.
I don't see why not did you check with your sales rep if there are any issues?
I am a bit older thank you  so I will give you some advice. Years ago I used to give a lot of time to restaurants, time away from my family and all for free. Over time I have realized that you should be very cautious and not do that. Your time is very valuable and in the same notion that a restaurant or business would never give you free money don't give your time away for free. There is a difference between just doing your 40 and showing up early helping the chef with...
Pics? Let see the new toy..
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