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Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you please be sure to check out the pro pastry and baking forums.
Welcome Chef you would not happen to be on a Greek Island would you?   Years ago I worked on th e island of Santorini in Greece.
This forum is only for intros not to discuss sous vide. 
Welcome to cheftalk. This forum is only to introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself. Please post your questions in the Food & Cooking forum and you will get some answers to your questions there.   Also, first search if the question has already been asked and second post your questions separately not all together.   Thanks,
I watched each episode back to back and I have to say the one on Ben Shewry of Attica was the one I most related to. What spoke to me was how he recognized that time with family was so important.
Agreed challenge entries should be current stuff. 
Welcome Victor glad you joined ChefTalk. Glad you find our conversations interesting and please note we do not allow new members to promote their blogs, businesses etc via ChefTalk.com. The ones that do have put their time in on the site, contributed regularly and have "earned" that right. If you have any questions about ChefTalk let us know.  
Welcome to ChefTalk glad you joined our community. Think long and hard about making it a profession. I mean it in a sincere manner when I say that there is an ocean of difference between loving cooking and working in a professional environment. So many people don't realize that and are disappointed with their move. There are many discussions here about this so you will be able to find some guidance if it is right for you.    As for me I attended the  ​ and many of the...
Welcome Anh,   Wow what a big transition I truly hope the community at ChefTalk.com can help you and guide you. There are some excellent chefs here who can share their expereience a few that come to mind are:   @James Berman @Pete @chefedb @foodpump   Many more so feel free to get into the discussions.   Nicko 
@ChrisLehrer   @KingNothing     Congratulations!!!!     For everyone else who posted a cutting board review for this contest please PM @Nicko for your consolation prize.        Thank you to every one who participated in the cutting board contest. We have a lot of contests and giveaways planned this summer so stay tuned ChefTalk Fans. And, if you have a fun idea for a contest feel free to post it here: http://www.cheftalk.com/f/19715/site-feedback-suggestions
New Posts  All Forums: