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You should contact King Arthur Baking supplies and see if they manufacture one. Looks like you can get a 13X9 rectangle and a 10inch but not 12. What do you need it for?
Your question does not make any sense can you reword it?
It is pretty tough to "not" be anxious about these things just try to relax. When I staged in France at a Michelin one star I cut my finger badly the first day. I was grateful to God that he caused me to laugh about it and not take it so seriously. At the end of the day simply do your best and walk out of there knowing you did your best. I would like to give you some advice though. What is your experience level? If you are still learning your way around the kitchen this...
I have investigated this and the one that looked the most appealing to me is this one:         I don't know if you can use any seeds but I don't see why not. 
@Someday I would agree water is actually a fine alternative. There are many decent store bought stocks and it does have its place. Sometimes you don't have the time during the week to make the stock or in high production situations have stock base makes sense. There is no doubt to me that when you make your own stock and then make anything from that base you and your friends and family will enjoy it more. 
What if you bound the lemon curd with something else to keep it together and then incorporate it?
@French Fries I agree I would not use a capon for coq au vin they are expensive and as you said not really suitable for a braise.
Welcome @Cinnamon Snail glad you joined ChefTalk. We don't actually have a food service management owner forum but I think your best bet would be to post in the pro-catering forum. Let me know if you have any questions about
Welcome @thriftstorecook glad you joined I would love to see your collection of cooking gear you must have a pretty good amount. I find shopping in thrift stores or antique shops great places to find equipment for your kitchen. It would be fun if you posted some photos of your collection. 
Welcome @ChristopherH  glad you joined the forums. Is there a particular type of food you are interested in learning about? Please let us know if you have any questions about the forums.
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