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One of our longtime members @ChrisBelgium posted some fantastic photos on his preparation of Coq Au Vin. You can see them here:   There are about 8 photos just click "next" to go through all of them.
That is correct posts are locked down after a certain point so they can't be edited or deleted.
I also would recommend the  ​ it has solid reviews from the ChefTalk community.      
There are two I would recommend one is the Jende Knife Roll which you can read about here:          The other is the Savage Supply Co. Rocco Knife Roll    
This is a re-peat of a topic you can find the original thread here:     
Thanks for posting about this I have added some of the Joseph Joseph products to our products section under spatulas. Feel free to post a review we would appreciate it!    
@Pete Yeah those are the top three I go with but lean towards Chablis. I never use Riesling but I don't see why you can't.
I would say absolutely not one is enough. With this field your best "next move" would be to get into a restaurant. If I were interviewing someone I would wonder why they felt the need to attend a second school. 
You may of noticed a new user @workingduds and some new informational pieces being posted on ChefTalk:           ChefTalk is pleased to welcome @workingduds to the site as an industry insider. They are a fantastic resource for chef jackets, pants, and more. They are even offering the community a 10% discount ( ​ ). If you have questions about your uniforms and what is best for your particular role in the kitchen the be sure to reach out to them in the...
I was curious what is everyone's preferred "Dry" white wine when cooking. Not just vinyard but also the type of wine you prefer (Chablis, Pinot Gris etc etc).  It would be interesting to hear from a mix of pros and non pros. Typically I go with an inexpensive Chablis (think Aldi $4.00 options) that is drinkable. I am also curious if anyone uses Pernod for the dry white cooking wine. There is an old thread from 2005 regarding this but I wanted to hear some updated replies...
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