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I agree I wish I would of met him in person what an amazing guy and so decent to share his knowledge with everyone. He will be deeply missed for sure.
Dear ChefTalk Community,   It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the passing of our beloved long time community member Chef Ed Buchanan (@chefedb). Ed's wife Barbara contacted me this morning and said Ed had been struggling with being ill for sometime and he passed away February 21, 2016.     Chef Ed (@chefedb and a previous username @ED BUCHANAN) was a long time member of ChefTalk.com and was in the top 10 posters (#3 actually at the time of this post) of the...
This post was duplicated so both threads were merged since they both had replies. It was also moved to the knife section. 
Welcome to ChefTalk.com. It can be difficult to find an internship that provides housing but it is possible. Usually the best option for this is to find a service that specializes in placing culinary students in different locations. Have you started to refined the places you want to work and sent letters of inquiry? You need to start there and see who will be willing to take you on. 
Often you simply have to track the fat daily and test your product. Keep a simple log and you will get a feel for how long the fat will last. I agree with @Chefross if you are just frying potatoes then you should get several days out of it.
This is too vague so please provide more details. Cranberry cream sauce? Whipped cream with cranberries? How are you using it dessert, savory?
Looks cool tell us more about it. Type of steel, wood etc.
The title over the chef hat is probably not appropriate it is determined by our reputation system. It requires quite a few reputation points to move to the next level I will re-evaluate our points system and see about possibly adjusting it.
Welcome to cheftalk we are glad to have you. Please let us know if you have any questions about how to use the forums.
Welcome to ChefTalk. Paris is one of my favorite cities and I would find it hard to cook at home living in a city with so many amazing restaurants. What type of cuisine to favor when you cook at home? French, Asian, Vegetarian?
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