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Welcome to ChefTalk we are always glad to have another chef from the UK join the fray. Please tell us a bit about your background as a chef and let us know if you have any questions about the community and site.
Welcome chef sounds like you are a man with a plan. So much of your success in the hospitality business is your attitude right? Glad to have you at ChefTalk.com let us know if you have any questions.
Something like that... Glad you joined and thanks for saying hi so we know a bit more about you and why you are here. Let us know if you have any questions.
Welcome to ChefTalk. I just want to say you are making all the right choices. Working in various types of establishments before spending a ton of money on school is smart. So many don't find out what the life is like before the go into deep debt getting a culinary degree. Remember when you are in the thick of it and working that 20th Saturday night without your husband to ask your self "Can I really be away from my family this much 15 years down the road?". Also remember...
Welcome we are glad to have you. We encourage all culinary students to post a review of their culinary school. If you would be willing to do that please send me the website and I will add your school to our database and you can post a review. Let us know if you have any questions about ChefTalk.
My personal thought is the owner should also offer some kind of restitution for the mistakes. It is a token of good will and I makes all the difference between keeping a customer for life and just having them for one visit. Here are a few other discussions from the community on a similar topic:              
@dblak656 and @ddaniel727 don't forget to post a review of your culinary school for a chance to win some awesome prizes.      
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad you joined!
@Paula Malloch welcome we are glad you joined. Lately we have had an influx of caterers and we are starting to see more discussion in that area. Feel free to jump in and if you have ideas for improvements let us know. 
@Cerise our community guidelines are pretty easy to find they are featured on the right sidebard and you can search for community guidelines.         To be frank with you I feel your statements are very high level and broad. ChefTalk has always prided itself on being a pretty friendly and accommodating community. Can you provide (via private message not here) examples of your "Angry Pack".   Speaking of avatars we do try to review avatars but there are many signups...
New Posts  All Forums: