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@ordo I am not joking that was the dish I was going to do (slightly different). Now I have to re-think my strategy. You are an egg master my friend, very impressive.
@teamfat @butzy I agree I think it should be current stuff for the month not from 3 years ago which mine is. I will post something new.
@French Fries Nice, now we are getting somewhere. 
We have some nice reviews from ChefTalk members here:                  
Welcome Shawn glad to have you. We have some great resources for culinary students so be sure to check out that section.
This should be fixed now. Thanks!
Can you take a screen shot of the error and post it?
Out of curiosity (and I don't want to take us off topic) What are the rules concerning posting dishes you did a long time ago? I have some wonderful egg shots but was holding off to post current dishes.
@Mezzaluna @James Berman  any experience with  Kolachke dough? 
@chefboyOG what make, model?
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