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Welcome to ChefTalk.com we are glad to have you. Thanks for taking time to introduce yourself.
Welcome we are glad to have you at ChefTalk.com.
@teamfat once I make sous chef you can come work for me. ha ha.    Thanks all for the kind words it is encouraging to be back behind the line (even if it is only for a small group of people) and the thrill of getting the order out on time.
Well I did not want to post this in the pro forums as I no longer consider myself a pro but did want to share I am back in the kitchen again. My shooting club (trap,skeet, and sporting clays) has a kitchen that caterers to the club members (little over 600 members) for breakfast and lunch. They have a semi-retired woman who runs most of the catering operation but needed someone to cover two weekends a month. Wanting to get my senior membership which requires 60 hours worth...
Welcome to ChefTalk.com we are glad to have you.
From the archives by Chef Joe George      
Welcome Jason glad to have you. You will find many bacon makers here at ChefTalk and if you want to see my work just visit:   http://www.cheftalk.com/g/a/141/bacon-i-made/
Agree with Phatch fish stock is ideal but water will work. 
Sloppy joes always makes me think of that song Adam Sandler sang with Chris Farley ("Sloppy joes, slop sloppy joes..."). And yes they bring back great memories. In fact, we had sloppy joes last night.
Welcome to Cheftalk we are glad you are here. Let us know if you have any questions about how to use the forums.
New Posts  All Forums: