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Welcome, glad to have you join ChefTalk.
Welcome! All Greeks are welcome especially since I am Greek. What part of Greece are you from?
 Later she changes in her post to a hand held mixer. I was hoping she would post back and clarify. 
@butzy too bad about the yeast but still a great idea. It looks tasty to me.
@teamfat this technique is another one I learned from Jaques Pepin. While I have seen him do this many times I had never tried it and it is one I would do again but for a larger crowd. You are right unlike poached eggs you get some nice "crispy bits" very nice.
@KingNothing very nice 
Deep Frying
My latest entry is fried eggs. I have never prepared these before but have always wanted to try it. Heated my oil and the first egg came out great. The second egg the oil was too hot and blew out. The third egg I started in a metal spoon and then finished it in the oil and it came out perfect as well. This is an extremely messy way to cook eggs and probably something I would only do for a large crowd or in a professional setting. Oddly enough even the egg is surrounded by...
@MaryB @helloitslucas couple things to keep in mind. I took these photos right out of the pan. There is carry over cooking so actually I did prepare it technically correct because, by the time it arrives at the guests table (or the dinner table) the eggs are fully set.    @phatch I did cook a second omelette last night and let it set longer and had no browing on the exterior skin so it is possible to let it set longer and still get that beautiful yellow roll.    Let us...
Thanks all I have an ace in my back pocket I don't think many people know about.    I love cooking eggs always have. Breakfast in fact is probably my favorite meal to prepare When I was at culinary school (way back when the American colonies were being settled ) I did my externship at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago and I worked the breakfast line for quite a long time. I remember fondly on Saturday morning myself two others cooks and the executive chef Rato...
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