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Welcome Pete glad you joined up with ChefTalk. Let us know if you have any questions about the forums or site.
Welcome Carl we are glad you joined. Let us know if you have any questions on how the forums work.
The All New 2015 ChefTalk.com Fundraiser!     We want to start 2015 by adding quality reviews to the site and we are asking for you to help out. Not only will you be helping other cooks down the road make better choices, but you will also be helping to feed seniors! ChefTallk.com will put two dollars into the virtual donation jar for each review submitted to our Reviews Section during the month of February! Come March 1st, we'll donate all of that money to Meals On...
You certainly don't have to do all of these but just doing one or two can help out the site quite a bit. Look through our top 10 community wish list for 2015 and help out where you can. Have questions or suggestions please post them in this thread.     Take a moment and greet new members in the welcome forum. Nothing big just say hi, welcome and help them find the right forum.  Flag inappropriate or spammy posts so the mods know about them. (hint: click the little...
No rules just cook something that contains the ingredient and enter as many times as you like. The only rule really is "HAVE FUN" if we start wrapping rules around this it will take all the fun out of it. As Joe Dirt says "Lets keep on keeping on..." Whatever that means...
@MaryB  now that sounds really excellent "Smoked walley stuffed morels with garlic butter".
  Some good discussion here about lemon marmalade
I have many friends from MN so saying it is a MN thing is all that need be said. It gets pretty cold up that way so having a good stock pile of anything canned is pretty normal. 
@MaryB I have heard of these recipes but it seems like such an undignified way to cook a noble bird. Especially one you have taken the time and effort to hunt and shoot yourself (as I do). Maybe if I make the mushroom soup myself I would feel better about using that recipe. Thanks for the suggestion on a very old discussion. I still hunt and cook pheasant regularly so I am always looking for new ideas.
@Eric Brown welcome, we are glad to have you at ChefTalk. We encourage all culinary students to post a review of the culinary school in our reviews section. What school are you attending?
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