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Thanks guys I went back to the ad providers we will get this resolved. I know they are a pain at times but the ads are what keep the lights on. :)
Hey guys here is the scoop. There were some Verizon ads that were causing issues and a block was put in a few days ago. Please let me know if you continue to experience problems and let me know which ones are prompting audio. They shouldn't be doing that and we've been in contact with the advertiser recently about it.     Thanks!
Hi Daryl,   Glad to have you as part of ChefTalk
Welcome we are glad you joined ChefTalk.
@BrianShaw you are not living under a rock, I have never tried beef tendon either. I will have to try this the next time I am in China town.
  From the archives.
Thanks everyone we are on it I will report to the platform providers and see what the deal is.
Welcome Flavio glad to have you. What is the largest Tuna you have ever caught?
Welcome Dave glad to have you. Please no promotion of your website, thanks.
Welcome Mary glad to have you join ChefTalk.
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