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@ChefBillyB While I do agree with you that you should pursue your passions and not work a dead end job. However,  I feel it is a different story when you have a family. One big factor I want to point out here it is different losing a lot of money in your twenties and thirties as opposed to your fifties. My Dad who was a very successful business man once told me that is it is different to lose $20k, $50K, $100K when you are in your twenties and thirties than later in life....
Welcome we are glad to have you. Some times training can hold you back and lock you into the way things have "always been done". The two most important things in catering are great tasting food and turning a profit. Most turn out great food but never turn a profit so be sure you learn your food cost. There are books to help with that.
Welcome, glad to have you. Toronto is such a great food town do you have any favorite restaurants? 
Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad to have you as part of the community. Glad that you are putting your trust in the Lord for your steps forward. Please let us know if you have any questions about the forums.
There is a great step by step article here by Chef @Pete  
@Steve TPHC  thanks I have never heard of that brand and I am not sure it is even available in the USA?
Don't take on debt to do this it will only make a difficult situation worse. I often have this same thought but one things brings me back to reality and that is could you really stand the work now? It is 10 years later man you are not the same person and it is a physically demanding work. Maybe you can find a happy medium and work a few days in your spar time in a kitchen to help fill the obvious void in your current work situation. In my opinion it is not worth putting...
Welcome chef we are glad to have you. Please let us know if you have any questions about the community or how you can contribute.
  This is the one I have and it is very good.
From time to time I will make my own mayo but I also like to have some on hand that is already prepared. I was looking for recommendations from the community on what brands of mayo you use for everyday.    Please don't post "I make my own" looking for prepared brand recommendations only. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: