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Frying discussion should go to a new thread not here. Thanks.
You should be able to find some folks here who can help you with personal chef work. I would post something in the pro forums asking for some guidance.
You @Le Plongeur when I was in culinary school McDonalds was often referenced as a good role model for running a profitable food service operation. McD's feeds thousands of people each day economically at that. Glad to have you at ChefTalk.
@mike15 chef @Pete wrote an incredibly popular article for ChefTalk years ago on this very topic and it is a great read.         Please note there are over 66,000 views. Our most popular article every published I believe.
@ChrisBelgium that is beautiful you almost look like a Greek! Looks perfect Chris really nice...
Welcome we are glad to have you. You probably want to start out in the culinary forums there are many great discussions there are pursuing a career as a chef. Remember you can always start out a chef and move into pastry or the other way around. Many chefs start out in pastry and move to the savory side of the kitchen it is not all that uncommon.
Wow how cool. Welcome to ChefTalk we are glad you joined. My wife and I buy a half a pig each year from a local farmer and we also try to buy other food items each year from local or sustainable sources. It takes a bit of extra work but it is worth it. My wife and I love to head to Michigan (we are from Chicago) and often head to Union Pier area near New Buffalo. Do you sell your produce?
Welcome Ginger sounds like you have quite a background. Are you completely switching from your graphic design work to personal chef? There have been a number of great discussion on personal chef business so I am sure you find some excellent members to talk with.
Welcome to ChefTalk it sounds like you have a colorful career. It is ironic that you have a long history with McDonalds but are actually a die hard food lover. Let us know if you have any questions we look forward to your contributions.
Buying salad dressing from the restaurant would be my suggestion.
New Posts  All Forums: