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@teamfat looks good man I don't see how you "dropped the ball". Any idea what type of pig your using or where you get your pb?
@MichaelGA That would be an interesting experiment. Another thought I had @SandSquid what about instead of dry cure doing so with a liquid brine might yield a bit juiciness your looking for.
I would not do either. There is a reason prosciutto is made out of pork and it is in part because of the fat. Duck prosciutto is very similar to air dried beef in my opinion and it is more of a jerky texture and flavor. Years ago a chef I worked for did duck prosciutto and it was ok. It was a novel idea but the duck breast is just so lean that when you cure it for too long it just makes jerky. I would lean towards doing a confit but not with duck breast I would use the...
In my opinion going to CIA after this would be overkill you best bet would be to get out into the industry. You might pick up a few bits and pieces at CIA but you will have pretty much covered everything at your first school. Remember this is a trade not like getting a degree in psychology where you need a masters.   What are your goals why do you feel attending two culinary schools will help you meet those goals. Recently I taught a class in Delaware to some students in...
@teamfat I always end up with some soft areas but if the rest is done I smoke it. Otherwise I think can over cure the other parts. One idea I had was to press the bacon to make it more uniform but have yet to try it. How much garlic did you use? Did you puree it or just chop it?    Nice work and thanks for sharing.
You are only allowed to give so many reputations in a certain period of time which may be the issue. This is part of the system design to avoid abuse. If you are still able to post and send pms there is no issue. 
Hey Kim this topic seems like we already covered it in the Tuiles thread. Maybe we should close this one down and re-title the other?
That is correct. In fact @kuan when I took a cheese making course a few years ago we made bleu and the man told us that you have to be very cautious otherwise you will only be making different varieties of bleu. He said he has had people ask him what they do because they have the bleu mold strain in their home and when the make chevre or brie it has the similarities to bleu because some of the mold gets in the home's air.
@Dobzre You are so right I never would of thought of that.l have made one you obviously have the experience. Excellent call out about them sticking together so much they tear and rip. Thanks for the excellen tip.
@Ishbel thanks for posting that link the video is almost exactly how I remember making a croquembouche. The only thing I remember the pastry chef doing differently was it was a large metal mold inverted and he placed the pate choux inside the mold not on the outside which really seems to just be a matter of preference.   @Dobzre if you look at the video in the link Ishbel posted this is what I remember. Dipping the pate choux into the sugar and assembling them one at a...
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