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@French Fries I agree I would not use a capon for coq au vin they are expensive and as you said not really suitable for a braise.
Welcome @Cinnamon Snail glad you joined ChefTalk. We don't actually have a food service management owner forum but I think your best bet would be to post in the pro-catering forum. Let me know if you have any questions about
Welcome @thriftstorecook glad you joined I would love to see your collection of cooking gear you must have a pretty good amount. I find shopping in thrift stores or antique shops great places to find equipment for your kitchen. It would be fun if you posted some photos of your collection. 
Welcome @ChristopherH  glad you joined the forums. Is there a particular type of food you are interested in learning about? Please let us know if you have any questions about the forums.
Welcome to ChefTalk Nikki sounds like you have two great passions. I think you could probably teach people how to cook healthy meals which might be enjoyable for you and helpful to people. I think there is a real need for people to know how to approach food in a healthy way that is also tasty. Let us know if you have an questions about the forums, thanks for joining.
Hi Lisa (@lady1marine) welcome to glad you joined our community. This forum is only to introduce yourself I think if you want more feedback on your question you should post in the food and cooking forums. However, here are my two thoughts. I would not pair a shrimp salad course with a shrimp soup course it is redundant. Now there is nothing that says you can't but I think it is good when you vary your courses. The salad sounds wonderful and very refreshing....
Welcome to ChefTalk @Bluesquid glad you finally decided to join up. It always amazes me how many members state they have been using cheftalk for years and never joined. Sounds like you know your way around but if you have questions on how the site works just ask happy to help.
One of our longtime members @ChrisBelgium posted some fantastic photos on his preparation of Coq Au Vin. You can see them here:   There are about 8 photos just click "next" to go through all of them.
That is correct posts are locked down after a certain point so they can't be edited or deleted.
I also would recommend the  ​ it has solid reviews from the ChefTalk community.      
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