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I'm a guy that works in the city to much for my own good and I love talkin food with other foodies
I made braised veal breast with sauteed curly endive, dried fava bean puree, toasted fennel jus and chorizo. I took some spanish style chorizo and rendered the fat in some olive oil than took the rendered chorizo and chopped it fine, then added it to a fisee salad with little tiny croutons and xerez vinaigrette. then took the oil and drizzled it into the sauce on the plate:lips: it was frickin awesome
I have a 10 inch chef made by shun and I use it alot, probably to much, the only thing i had a hard time with was sharpening it correctly, but I've figured it out know and it is is so sharp it will shave air molecules, i think they are great
try Trimouline(inverted sugar) works great for those sorbet and gelatos that would normaly be icy, And buy a paco jet...
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