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I haven't had a lonely night in some time. I hope my good looks and charm follow me into my old age. I am but a strapping thirty something captain of a crew of surly young turks as of yet. Aside from that, I haven't met a single soul that can duplicate my work. I have an entire city in love with my pizza. Touche, my maiden...'s not an entire waste of time is some other horribly uninformed scant happens to read these posts. All the while, food is being prepared for paying customers and no mention of anyone's credentials are flown on a flag. I'm going to go eat a salad of imense proportions and then go to work. Ciao!
Iron cheffin'06...YOU ROCK!!! This buisness is not for the weak or lazy...PERIOD!!! You want a real veal STOCK YOU WILL ENVENTIALLY TURN INTO A TRUE DEMI??? BUY THE BONES!!! Mod's note: Edited for relevance and brevity
Alright then! Female it is!...Sorry for you, then, lass. Are you at least a pretty site to behold? What is your contribution to society?
Quinn, do you know who a man named Charlie Trotter is? "Papers" are most important by means of getting your foot in the door with people you don't know and don't know you. SKILLS get you everywhere, baby. Just spent/went in debt for 40 grand to say you a re a CIA grad, but can't handle yourself on a simple line position? 40 grand spent the hard way! Don't be a chump. Bust your hump!
Sorry for you, mate.
ASK...your chef if you can have the linen service take care of your coats/ shirts. My boss does this for me. At the end of the shift, just throw them the "hamper". Corp. places will likely say "NO", because they are ******. If you happen to work for a joint that sees you as a human, they may likely aquiase. Godspeed! -Jolly
Anyone willing to "...make their bones...". This is not a romantic profession despite all the crap you may see on certain food shows. Traits like humility, willingness to learn, promptness, and cleanliness will get you in my door for a mere trial run. I have a 17 year old apprentice right now that I have been struggling with because he thinks this is all a big circus. I promised him six months unless I just couldn't stand him anymore. He's going on vacation with his family...
Freerider... I'm guessing that if you are a PBS veiwer, you are likely unfamilar with certain terminology closely associated with restaurant life. I'm also going out on a limb here, and guessing you are not in the industry. Please correct me if I am mistaken. Not sure what your "twenty" is, trucker. Come back...
I only asked because you referenced a "knife drawer"...where knives go to die. I'm pleased to find out that it may have been more of a generic term for a respectable destnation for beloved steel. Otherwise, I was going to have to shank your a*s! :)
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