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Techchef...Already in for three months and you wondering if it was a good decision? I have to call you on this...Why are you now second geussing yourself? Sounds to me like you want the world to know you are are student there...Oh Chr*st! Well, gods speed for whatever becomes of it.
Send us the link. I'm certainly not a server, but I think it might be fun to go over this no matter what our position is.
Someday...I'm hardly judging all CIA grads based on the negative experience I personally have had. I'm certaintly not trashing the program. My only problem with what I see is that it promotes a certain arrogant attitude. Maybe it comes from having shelled out criminal amounts of cash to go through it, maybe it's the name. I have had the honor of learning from guys that have come from very humble means that could cook ANY former culinary student under the table...and then...
I have over 15 years experience working in professional kitchens. I am 35 years old and have held three different chef positions including the one I currently have. I began an ACF acredited program in January of this year with the designs of testing for three specific certifications that I feel will help me procure employment when my back and knees give out. In short, "papers" are important in the long run. If you have good moves, a great apptitude for learning, and NO...
So...I'm guessing I didn't miss much. Probably for the better. Just more fuel for the fire. I think the guys that do that MTV show, "Barbershop", need to do a cook's show where it's ull uncut and a camera sits in the kitchen, and out back where everyone goes to smoke and gripe. And than after the place closes, the camera follows the cooks to the bars. May not be riviting TV, but at least it would be real.
1.) Wanna go back to my place for some lamb chop lollipop? 2.) How about we go back to my place for a scotch and sofa? 3.) I work with a 12 inch blade...and play with a 12 inch blade. (This one has a touch of "creepy"...) 4.) Do you like potatoes? I've got the gravy...let's go give thanks! 5.) I'd love to show you my root garden.
Allright, Pan, I don't anything about purchasing commercial property, but I know how to run a kitchen and make profits...oh, and I'm a pretty good cook too. What would be the partnership minimum buy-in?
Diane...What is NZ? Is that New Zeland? As for your unfortunate raw broc pie, I would think they would have at least blanched the broccoli in preperation and not put it on the pizza raw. As for pre-baked crust...that is a sin! I worked at one place where a new chef ws hired and the first thing he did was harass me about my pizza. First he said my fire was too hot (...he burnt everything he put in my wood oven...hack), and than he tried to tell me I could be more efficient...
Tell us about your place. Where does your making dough fit in? Are you making your own bread? Pizza? Pastry? My place is owned and run by a guy from Southern Italy. We have a very heavy saute menu and all sauces are made to order. We sell alot of veal and go through crazy amounts of pasta. We use Barilla pastas except for the ****** customers that come in with their own Trader Joe's gluten free crap and ask us to cook it for them. We haven't done pizza until just recently...
CIA Chris...I'm waiting for you to address my question, or to, at the very least, help me remove the burr from underneath my saddle.
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