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GhettoRacingKid, You're right: When I posted this I was hoping to get a tested recipe so that I didn't have to spend a lot of time experimenting... :D but I have now exactly what I needed so it's all good. Thanks for your tips!
Thanks for the link. FYI someone forwarded this to me; I think I'll tinker with it for my needs: Foodservice Forums - Savoury Tuile Recipe for savory tuiles. Thx again.
Hello all, I'm looking for a savory tuile recipe. When doing any kind of search I get a lot of parmesan and melted cheese based ones, which I already have. I need one that doesn't have a sweet taste (no sugar/powdered sugar or heavy on the honey which some asian recipes have), uses egg whites and flour, and is a batter-based that I can spread onto a cut out template or spread into shapes on a silpat. I guess I just need to experiment, but was wondering if someone had a...
I don't know what the ingredients are in the cake, but baking soda can have many functions. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but baking soda neutralizes acids and can leaven. Buttermilk cakes often have only baking soda since it combined with the buttermilk will have a chemical reaction. Eggs I think are natural leaveners, and some pound cakes have no baking powder or soda at all in them. Egg yolks are great emulsifiers, but egg whites can also act the same...
I just downloaded the mag, so you might try again cakerookie. The negative is if you don't have broadband or higher it may take a looooong time to download--the pastry mag up there now was over 20 mb I think. I usually like to have a copy to flip through and read, and was expecting it to be a .pdf static file of some sort. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that the pages could be easily turned book fashion, and the features page with contents and page numbers were all...
Gotcha about the scratching, I'll beware. I can't believe you looked it up!:)
No, and a manual isn't available. Someone told me not to use coated cast iron because the risidual heat can crack the surface. Fact? Thanks for the info, cakerookie.
Hello, What's the best pans to use for glass top ranges? Thanks in advance for any recommendations. This link is for the Wilton 1M (2110) tip. Was this it? And this shows how to make flowers with drop flower tips. I'm not sure what the flower you're referring to looks like but perhaps the techniques can be adapted with your tip.
Here is a link for stencils. Have you checked them out? Under "products" they have "Cake and Confectionery" stencils.
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