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Hey Shel, My Kraut recipe calls for browned bacon and onions, and some finely chopped green apple (Granny Smith or Gravenstein) and a good long simmer to let the flavors all meld. Deeelish!!!! Also, I have to agree with others who have said that the jarred and refrigerated brands taste better than canned, and that it must be well rinsed before cooking. Cheers, Micki
Hi Karen, Your question is interesting, but we'd need to see the recipe you're using, so that we can help trouble-shoot what's going on. I've started making scones as well, strictly for home use (been experimenting with different flavor combinations). The recipe that I use is for Cream Scones from the Joy of Baking Website and results in a dough that is quite smooth but still tender after kneading a bit to incorporate the flour. I also form a flat disk (about 1 inch...
Another alternate to creme fraiche is the "crema" that is sold in latin american markets...same softer-than-sour cream consistency, and a heck of a lot cheaper!!! :bounce: Best, Micki
I frequently cook at Mom's or MIL's, and always go prepared...Mom is pretty well equipped, but I always bring my own knives. And when we bake for the holidays, always bring the mixer & food processor, cuz the hand-held mixer just can't keep up with all the doughs we make. MIL, on the other hand is another story...there's a spanish saying "Tiene de todo, pero no tiene ni mierda" which loosely translated means she's got everything, but she ain't got sh**. So lots of...
Doc, This sounds delish...will give it a try soon... Cheers, Micki
"You're calling from where? Oh, please hold for just a second, I have ____ (fill in the blank) on the stove, I'll be right back." Set down the phone next to the radio, tune in the local Spanish station, & leave it there... :roll: I have yet to have them call me back...;) Micki
We packed up "The Grannies" -- a.k.a. my Mom and M-I-L, and took them wine tasting with my daughter in the Livermore-Pleasanton area in the East Bay, so picnic lunch consisted of breaded/baked chicken drumsticks, green salad, fruit salad, sourdough and pecan bars for dessert. Both of my boys had to work :mad: so will be doing belated Mother's Day activities with them this week. Cheers, Micki
This is one of my favorite combinations! Don't have anything to add to the technique...but out of curiosity, milk or dark chocolate for the outside? My vote is dark...FWIW... Cheers, and let us know how they turn out! Micki
Oooohhh...Tough subject...and one I could write volumes about. Although I love her dearly, outings with my MIL are always "special:roll:". There's always a snide comment about something, the food's never right, service is not to her liking, room is too cold/hot, etc.; or she hijacks a special occasion and makes it about her. Case in point: my youngest son's HS graduation, post-ceremony luncheon at a local restaurant, we're having a nice time and great food, and she...
Hi Mezz...Yes, Been there many times, as it is one of my favorite day-trips; it is BEAUTIFUL, and if you're planning a trip to Point Reyes/Muir Woods/Stinson Beach, Tomales Bay would be a logical addition, and a great place to stop for lunch or dinner. You would need to plan on spending a full day in the area, to make the trip worthwhile...It's quite a drive, along very scenic but winding:roll: roads, either along the coast on Highway 1 or through San Rafael/Ross on Sir...
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