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I misread your post and thought it said Salmon AND Strawberry Pie......yikes!
  Interesting. Does it have enough fat, or do you add it in some other form? I'd think the Bison would be tasty, but possibly dry?
I spotted this method (somewhere), and plan to try it out this weekend. It is a pre-poach method so they can be reheated in a couple of minuets and assembled on the Benedict of choice.  
That is a good idea; I may end up taking that route. Grinding it myself may permit a better chance to get the not only the buttermilk aspect incorporated, but also to adjust the spice mix better. I expect the advice offered here by yourself and others will make the next batch a bit more palatable. I'll update once round two is out of the oven....   Cheers!
Yup. Package from the Market said "Ground Lamb".  The deer meat I noted was more of a reference point, as I've had it where it was tasty but other times it was gamey almost to the point of being inedible. Do like the suggestions so far of mixing the Sheppard's Pie  it with either pork or beef. I considered the buttermilk angle after I'd made it.  I did not do it before cooking as I was unsure of how / if that would work.  My reason to make it in the first place was for it...
Lamb may 'be' gamey. But the point I was making is simple: I've had deer many, many times. Sometimes it's 'gamey' sometimes it's not. The question remains: how to temper the harshness while maintaining the flavor of lamb?
Sheppard's Pie....  
Okay....had this at a local watering hole the other day. Figured, I'd take a stab at it. The dish came out pretty good, with one thing that kind of nags at me. The ground lamb I used: it came out tasting slightly gamey, kind of like when I've cooked deer. Is there a way to tamp down that flavor, or is it inherent in the versions of Sheppard's Pie anyone else has made?  
Good Red Eye gravy is the bomb....but it always reminds me of Shrimp and Grits....not that that's a bad thing, mind you.
Frenchfries,   I used two packs of unflavored gelatin to the chicken stock, which I add to the beans. Insert the meats (for me duck and garlic sausage) so they are on the top of the pot before putting it in the oven to bake. About every 30 minutes I use a spoon to break the crust; it will reform slightly thicker each time and gets infused with the duck/sausage flavors.....   As for getting some duck, we're lucky to have a Balducci's near us; but in a pinch I've...
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