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Scotch?   hmmm....used wine plenty, but that's a different approach
# 2 may be a Quenelle, as noted by others; or it may be a meatball.
 umm.....sausage in a Vegetarian soup? Wouldn't that be a "semi-vegetarian", or is it made with no meat products?
Sesame crusted Tuna on a bed of steamed Asparagus  
So, to use up some of the stuff in the fridge, I decided to do baked parmesan & panko crusted shirmp with asparagus tips over fresh pasta    
Phatch,   Perhaps I should have been more specific in my reply to your earlier post, wherein you noted "collard greens They've been too bitter for me..."   I can handle other greens such as Swiss Chard and Okra but Collards? Nope....
S/P with  light Saffron butter.   Just add a fork and have at it.....
 I get you don't like grits....but in the end, they are part of a Cook's palette, to be used to enhance other aspects of a dish. They can be quite awesome, given, of course, that they are cooked in a way that adds to a dish. I had some the other day with Pimento cheese, and man the texture and taste was killer.  I'd tend to agree with you on the greens. I've yet to find the person who makes them into something other than a vehicle for Vinegar (but I'm hopeful).
Shrimp and Grits with red eye gravy, tasso ham and andouille ....and a nice glass of wine.  
Cider braised pork chops with roasted peppers.....
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