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Good Red Eye gravy is the bomb....but it always reminds me of Shrimp and Grits....not that that's a bad thing, mind you.
Frenchfries,   I used two packs of unflavored gelatin to the chicken stock, which I add to the beans. Insert the meats (for me duck and garlic sausage) so they are on the top of the pot before putting it in the oven to bake. About every 30 minutes I use a spoon to break the crust; it will reform slightly thicker each time and gets infused with the duck/sausage flavors.....   As for getting some duck, we're lucky to have a Balducci's near us; but in a pinch I've...
 Jacques Pepin can make warmed up cardboard look tasty.....I recall he noted that recipes are more of a 'roadmap' and not something that is followed in a rote manner.
Frenchfries,   Your plate looks fantastic! Didn't think to snap a pic of mine....   I find it's better the next day; seems to meld together for a better flavor. Do miss the crunchy top on the second go-round. I've recently been experimenting with duck, and this is one recipe I've been able to utilize it very easily.
phach,   You've provided lots of things to consider. May be trying to incorporate some this weekend, I'll be sure to post my revised dish.   Cheers.
Leftover cassoulet with Duck and Sausage
 The salt/pepper ratio didn't seem bad. Herbs used include celery, thyme, rosemary, and bay leaves. Some friends have suggested cloves, but I can't stand that particular taste (overly clove covered ham one Christmas killed that taste bud). The sauce just seemed to lack that 'something' to make it have more depth. Do like the idea of the anchovies, that and perhaps a bit more the butter. at the end.
So, I've tried a version of Oxtail Stew, first served over polenta and a second time over papardelle noodles. While the meat came out tender, and the texture of the gravy was good, both times, it seems the flavor was a bit 'flat'. I've had others suggest it's the particular red wine used or that I should include Worcestershire Sauce in the stew. As I'd rather try something not 'in a bottle' for an extra zing of flavor, any thoughts?
Well said, Chris.   In my humble opinion, it seems too many folks want to be 'experts' on things they have feelings about. But as granny used to say, Feelin's ain't facts..."
What you describe is, in Southern parlance, 'Sawmill Gravy". Family in Ohio use the term 'cream gravy'...but they never seem to get the same depth of flavor as true Southern sawmill gravy, in my humble opinion.
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