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Million Knives, I'm in the Boston area a lot. Where is this Winter Farmers Market? I'd like to get access to more interesting mushrooms.   Thanks!   pd
Hello Everyone, I had been asked to share my mushroom soup recipe here. So here it is! I cook by feel and almost never follow recipe's so most of the amounts are loosely based on my memory. Feel free to use the amounts you feel are appropriate for you.   I start with an eight ounce package of no salt added chicken broth, Mince three (or so) garlic cloves. Mince a whole medium shallot. Add around a quarter teaspoon each of Thyme, Rosemary, and Rubbed Sage. Then finely...
As a reply to the conversation between Koukouvagia and Phatch, I will often sauté mushrooms dry on a non stick skillet and at the end add the fat whether it's bacon fat, butter, olive oil and so on.
I've heard of Wood Ear Mushrooms, though I've never used them. I love how we can work in so many different directions with this one simple ingredient. I was walking in a forest in New Hampshire last year and came across an old Asian couple collecting mushrooms. Off hand now I forget the name of the mushrooms but I do remember reading that they were very much like Chanterelle mushrooms. I have found Morel Mushrooms under the Apple Tree in my childhood home and did a quick...
Thank You! Since I'm new to this and figuring it out as I go I've realized that I was responsible to come up with the next challenge so I did that. And it appears that I am also responsible to judge this challenge? Would it be ok to add anything I make during the challenge to the mix? I understand not to be judged by me but just to share since I chose as I did because of my personal challenge for the month for myself and I wouldn't mind sharing what I come up with. As I...
Hello all. Being new to the site I had no idea how the challenge worked. I see now it's up to me to choose a new one so here it is...   Mushrooms!   I've been focusing on them for a couple of weeks as a personal challenge and I developed a great cream of mushroom soup that kicks it. So, it's a great time of year to play with our fungal friends!   Cheers!
Right, of course. Thank you Brian!   pd
As a related question to this thread... I've seen a few times lately about boiling the potatoes whole then peeling while warm instead of peeling them and cutting them up, them boiling them for mashed or a recipe like the one described in this thread. What is the benefit to preparing them this way?   Thank You.   pd
 Here is my second batch.Morning Glory, I added  an image of the custard after some had been sampled for you. Both tries have worked out perfectly. I cut the sugar content on my second batch to almost half of the recipe I used (From the New York Times) since the first batch was too sweet. The texture is perfect with both batches. Here I added the berries as served.
Peachcreek, that looks quite well used! And to add to my post. I also used a very fine ground raw sugar for the crust.  Which added a really nice molasses flavor that intensified the other flavors in the dessert. 
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