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I'm disappointed my Swedish Fish recipe isn't included in the voting... :)
Yes Morning Glory, it's called "Skagen". Although my recipe varies some from the recipe's I read. Most of them used mayo, a couple called for sour cream. I decided to stray in my use of creme fresh and ricotta. Also the addition of the ground coriander and powdered fennel seed and the grapes.  I believe my use of these ingredients elevated the dish substantially.
So, my real try at traditional Swedish food is this. Skagen.   I looked at over a dozen recipe's for the dish and then took what I thought was best from them all and then put a bit of my own spin on it.   Since I work by feel really I don't have amounts written for the ingredients. My apologies.   I first mixed Creme Fresh and a good Ricotta. 80% Creme Fresh to 20% Ricotta. Then I mixed in lemon juice from a half a lemon, some grated lemon rind, fresh chopped dill,...
  This is my version of a classic Swedish dish...   Swedish Fish!   Served soaked in olive oil, on a bed of parsley with flower petals, drops of a fine balsamic and olive oil drops and seasoned to perfection!   (Someone had to do it. Right?)
I had been reading about this. Having inoperable esophageal cancer and being told I now have a five percent chance of living five years (two months ago) I am quite interested in anything that may help. Thank you for posting this question.
I made key lime pie last friggin night! This is a fun late winter challenge. Although My daughter Sequoia hoped you would pick something red for valentines day ( she has gotten into this). Citrus is a fun thing to work with.
Ok, So the time has come for me to pick a winner. You all have made this really difficult! So many great efforts!    Anyway, The winner is "MillionsKnives"!   Although "Morning Glory"  did a fabulous job with her work and photography. She was a very close second. I appreciate the attention to detail and the effort to show and describe the work. And Hank's last minute flurry of activity was impressive.   So now it's time to see what we will have for...
Great! Thanks! I grew up in Natick and then Sudbury so I know exactly where this is. pd
Million Knives, I'm in the Boston area a lot. Where is this Winter Farmers Market? I'd like to get access to more interesting mushrooms.   Thanks!   pd
Hello Everyone, I had been asked to share my mushroom soup recipe here. So here it is! I cook by feel and almost never follow recipe's so most of the amounts are loosely based on my memory. Feel free to use the amounts you feel are appropriate for you.   I start with an eight ounce package of no salt added chicken broth, Mince three (or so) garlic cloves. Mince a whole medium shallot. Add around a quarter teaspoon each of Thyme, Rosemary, and Rubbed Sage. Then finely...
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