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Hi, When I'm soaking chickpeas overnight in cold water (covering them by 3-4 inches of water in a large stainless steel bowl), I notice popping sounds they make about 2-3 hours after I put them in the water. Seems like as they're absorbing the water, something happens to them. I've actually seen them move slightly as they emit this popping sound. Did anyone else notice something similar, or has some logical explanation for this??? Very puzzled, laci
No, it must be a different Laci...
Thanks for your informative reply. Small scale recipe formulations for industrial customers or the foodservice sector sounds very interesting. Do all restaurants have such personnel, or is it limited to Olive Gardens and Applebee's? Is there a directory where I could locate such companies? Thanks, Laci.
I didn't check the replies, because I didn't see too much, so I've been away from the forum for a while. What is the research chefs association you mentioned in your post? Yeah, corporate chef also sounds interesting, I'll look into that... If you're in the Toronto area, will you be attending the event at the end of October for research chefs held at George Brown? Laci.
Gus, Thanks for the info. I found Herve This, and Harold McGee (actually reading a book by him). What field are you working in now (I mean have you been able to incorporate science into your cooking)? Thanks, laci
Thanks, Suzanne. Unfortunately, I do not find any mention of a career related discussion forum at I'm hoping that some research chef will take pity on me here :), and give me some advice... Regards, Laci.
Hello, I've just joined cheftalk. I'm in Toronto, Canada. I'm very interested in cooking, but I have a scientific inclination, so I've searched around on the Internet, and found out about the profession of research chef. I would like to ask some career related questions from a practicing research chef. Would I find such a chef in this forum, and if so, could I ask you some of these questions? Best regards, Laszlo.
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