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Also you might read up on differences between bakery and deck ovens
I bake in a small bakery/cafe and we do bake non pastry/bakery items in our gas convection ovens. You should be fine cooking meats in this type of oven. Just adjust your temp as you would for any convection baking.
Our bakery has 2 Hobart mixers, a 20 quart and a floor 80 quart (L800). Anyone know how to find used parts and accessories? I've tried Commercial restaurant equipment stores, ebay, etc. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
I work in a small size bakery/cafe and we use a commercial double convection gas oven. Has total of 12 racks that hold 1 full sheet pan each. I wish we had purchased one with the option of turning off the convection fans. (It was used). Sometimes the fans are too strong for certain baked goods. Other than not having that option, the ovens work great. I would talk to other bakeries in your area.
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