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As longs as the customer perceives getting value for their money, I don't see it as a problem.
Im allergic to chocolate ice cream, can I get vanilla instead with chocolate sauce on top?
their sportsman fishing knife is excellent and I love it, I melted the sheath by the campfire (oops) and called to ask about getting a new one, they sent me a new one free of charge, got it in two days.
Some people throw multiple puns in a single post. I prefer to finely craft singles
Benuser hit the nail right on the head, its all the geometry, higher end electric sharpeners work just fine for my chroma knives.
Ok what about "gourmand" this discussion is getting ridiculous. lol
Especially when done on the line during service lol
Now the male becomes dinner after the divorce!!!
That's really nice foodpump!!
Ha ha corrected!! im used to grams and ounces.
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