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you need to bring the heat up, and incorperate some butter(clarified) it should come back together.
Like the post prior, I use 1 lb brown sugar, melted and bubbly, add bourbon to taste(alot), and finish with wisking in whole butter.
Does bacon count?
here is some that is different... I do it on ocassion, just for s+g's: cayanne and thyme sorbet, basil and goat cheese mousse. Black pepper, strawberry, goatcheese amus gal, or green apple and brie crustini with shaved fennel and champagne redux.
#1=work your a** off #2=be available. No one likes to fill a shift...if you can, kudos #3=DO IT! whatever the chef says, do it(unless it is beyond common sense). There is a reason it is being asked for. A rare occasion when you shoot firs, ask later. #4=dedication #5=it isn't food tv. realize that being "prochef" is anything but glamourous. Do it for the love of gastronomy.
gastrominique. or 7th edition, like stated.
Like stated...HOT HOT HOT! sear under really hot het, flip and put in the oven or finish stove top. I like 'em medium at the most anyhow and have never had an issue with over cooking so long as you know your temps by feel. Just like cooking meat...
Hamaro Cantu, incredible visionaly and Adria for the same reason. Reconstructing cuisine as we know it.
My thoughts exactly.
I can not stand when people throw things in the kitchen.
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