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I'll extend my welcome being we both just joined, so WOW, were like related!HAHAHA Welcome, hit me up some time if u want to:beer:
Ol silver and merc fillings in your teeth will do more damage than a shred of the steel wool down the gullet. If soup was being prepared, than an empty pot at the beginig of the cycle should have been to blame, as well as the person manufacturing the product. I would find it hard to dismiss a piece of steel wool that a guest would succomd to. I LOVE STEEL WOOL, and grille screens, screens break down quicker and MUCH further thus posing a greater threat but I TRUST my...
Well to be spitefull towards the "man"...lots of fiberous things, hehe For me though: Grilled baby Brie, w/apricot vidallia compote and fresh rasberrys Spinach(baby) w/ like mango, saga bleu, and a rsted eshallot vin fire tarragon sorbet w/ kafir lime to clense the palate A club san. of Foie Gras, bacon, granny smith apple, and thin sliced cubanelle pork loin, with fresh avacado and crisp iceburg lettuce, finished w/ a cilantro garlic aioli on thick cut...
WOW, what a quandery, if pairing with things like a vindaloo, Ild think some thing along the lines of a lexia....sweet=heat, with anything tandori, Ild be thinking white as well, only a very few dishes I would think to pair with a red, but we live in a time where classical perception is out the window, drink what u want w/ what u want... I feel for the situation you are in... The Jains, own the hotel I work for, devout veggies, but still drink the most unusuall matches...
If you are using a QUALITY cut, then do watcha want with it, DONT WASTE IT BY SEARING IT TOO **** theroy it shouldnt matter. If you are cutting from a loin, if the outside is "kosher" then why worry about the interior, you arnt workin with ground have already killed it once, why kill it again.
I lived in Bellingham WA for a bit, sounds like the cops were on tomatoes, oh oh sorry weed....if you are a cop in BC< you would think they would know the diff between herbs and 'mate'ers....if u get busted, tell the judge they were strictly medicinal
Im Jon, TATTRAT( now CarzyeffinTATT), from Bermuda, in the slow and underachieving Virginia Beach, for the time being, currently the WORKING!!!!! Executive chef for the Crowne Plaza Hotel in VB. Hope to meet some quality cullinarians here, I'm currently the moderator for but living in a military community, the idea of a fine night out is a trip to a corperate est, w/ a few exceptions. Thanks for letting me be here:smiles:
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