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Hi Im a Food Service Director for a Rehabilitation Center. We have skilled, nursing, residential care, and adult day. I have done this work for 20 yrs. Boy I wear many hats throughout the day. I agree with most of what has been already said. If I can help in any way let me know.
put the sanitation aside, A friend of mine tore the walkin apart looking for her diamond that was NEVER found. a suggestion is to wear it on a necklace under ur shirt.
Well I bought a pair of Dansko's and will never ever do that again. I call them my torture instrament. Many times I would try to wear them but would be brought to tears. (Not even my ex can do that...LOL) If I had not spent so much money on them they would of found the trash can more than once.
A couple of things that I love is a water faucet by my stove. a small freezer on my line.
Beer, Beer, I love Beer, I'm absolutly positively wild about beer. lol:beer:
To reheat anything our regs are to bring it to 175. can you fix the production so that you dont have to reheat?
I love the walking thing im goin to try that LOL
There is also the career centers here in Maine, this is free. also I advertise in that sometimes. that cost. didnt ever think of craigslist. let me know if i can help
i think a squash soup would be great...use apple juice and tomato juice for the base instead of chicken.
Hey juju375 congratulations on your new position. The reason is that State regulations here in Maine as well as other states dictate time and temperature, reflecting HACCP. I have had the same policy in my kitchens. Now I do agree that incidents do generate these idiotic policies and procedures, I do believe that mashed potato put into a steam table 1/2 hr before service and then if service takes at least 1/2hr(for 60 people about right). I would not want to be the...
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