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I worked for Aramark some years back in their Business Dining division. Like any other job, you get out of it what you put into it. I learned a lot about corporate paperwork and accountability. All that information transposed easily into my own gigs later down the road. Obviously it depends on what division you'd be going into to say what you might be doing or with how many people. Jim's on the mark about many things he mentions. We did a cycle menu. While not the...
This is a freebie I used to get when I lived in Ontario, Canada. It's called Food & Drink by the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). It does have advertising, but it's also a very informative magazine which touches base on most aspects of cooking. While it's designed for the home cook, it's sophisticated enough that several of the recipes I've used over the years have translated well for restaurant use. Besides being a great magazine, the price is right: FREE! Ciao,
Once again, Steve, that guy did not invent cedar planking. It's been around thousands of years. Sure, he might have resurrected the idea and presented it to the chain, but the natives of the Pacific Northwest have been planking salmon long before you or I started breathing. Ciao,
I've heard white vinegar produces decent results. I used to toss my coats in my washer at the end of the night to soak with a little bleach and detergent until morning. When I woke up, the rest of whatever needed washed (whites) went into the machine and the switch went to "go." By the time shift started, I had washed and dried my uniforms and other laundry. Ciao,
Another way to do it is to snatch up a server and have him/her start plating or adding sides and such. They know what the plates are supposed to look like. You'll both be better for it. Buy him/her a beer after shift, say thanks and you'll walk away with both a friend and new found confidence in your coworkers and own abilities. Ciao,
Specials are a way of asserting your tastes and flavors on your dining public. Conversely, they are also a way of emptying out your walk-in. In the former guise, you do what you like with food and ingredients in the hopes that your clients will enjoy. An easy way to do this is to look at your sales history and decide on the items have that have greatest appeal. Go from there with various flavor combinations. If your clients are more 'cosmopolitan' you might...
Tres bon! By the way, I'm a former Washitonian: Seattle and Vancouver (area). Ciao,
I know I'm just beating a dead horse issue, but it comes down to personal responsibility. We, as operators of food service business are there to make money. In order to do so we choose our route of the venture. Normally that means we sell to the largest number possible. That means, we sell to the 'average Joe.' Those with allergies, health concerns of other sorts (fats, carbs, cholesterol, etc.), should be responsible for themselves. My 2ยข and now I'll get off the...
Welcome. Going by your name, I'm guessing you're a Caper??? If so, where abouts? (I lived in Canada 3 yrs and did a LOT of traveling from Eastern ONT eastwards to NS.) Ciao,
It's one of the few jobs one can have that has pretty much instant gratification. You know if you hit the mark or not: DIRECTLY. I love that. Ciao,
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