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I used them as party favors, did small ones, & put hershey's kisses in them. Made a big one filled with chocolates for a housewarming gift for friends that had all the household stuff they needed.
stick stuff in them like any other basket/bowl.
I made gingerbread bowls a few years back, just baked the dough on a glass bowl. It came out nicely, problem is I can't remember if I cooked it with the dough inside the bowl, (like a pie plate), or with the bowl upside down & with the dough draped over the top. I think it was the first, but if anyone knows for sure I would appreciate it. One way works, & one doesn't & I don't really feel like experimenting if I don't have to.
it's OK, I have an Australian friend who to this day (30 years later) is still embarassed about having asked our high school chemistry teacher for a "rubber" (eraser). BTW the chem teacher was the 64 year old ex home-ec little old lady that got bumped when there were cut backs, nobody wanted to fire her, & the chem slot was open that year, so she was basically a year long sub. My friend had just come over, no one had any idea what she was asking for, when it was...
thank you.
what is the recipe? I have a good one that I don't have problem w/ on rainy days, of course here in CO our average humidity is 10-15%; I'm not sure we really get 100% humidity during a rainstorm. It is a good candy-making spot!
not a professional chef, but worked in a profession that is usually salaried, & underwent a similar situation, so figured I'd give my .02 As a salaried individual you are contracted to work a certain number of hours, NOT 24/7/365. Those hours may be erratic, they may be wierd, they may be more than 40/week, but your time is not your boss' to do with as he pleases. If he wants more time from you than is originally contracted for, outside your regular job duties, he...
Editor: Wendy Stephen, Managing editor: Jane PRice Food editor: Kathey Knudsen, Food director: Jody Vassallo It's the Essential Finger Food Cookbook, originally published in NSW by Murdoch books. in the US by Thunder by press. Don't know if that helps. Thank you for your offer. There is definatly a big difference between cornstarch & cornmeal. And of course I was noticing this stuff as I was looking through the cookbook, now that I am trying to find a specific...
just the regular cornmeal that I use for cornbread, not something more finely ground? I was expecting to have to order something fancy... I really like this book, but next time I think I need to look at the publisher... Never occured to me, & so many of the recipes looked good, not just one or two like what is usually I find. Thank you for the help.
so could I use the premade pie crust stuff? also how about cornflour? is there such a thing, or is that australian for cornstarch before I go looking hither & yon?
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