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i have used rice crispy cereal in the past to some molding work by using the tradiitional recipe on the box. Is this the correct method-
I am looking for a white chocolate molding choc. recipe- and also a good resource for powdered food coloring to add to it to make it colored- thanks-
What is the best way to determine how many small bites per person- function is a cocktail party- halloween 8pm-midnite heavy hor-d- 120 people thanks-
thank-you i will practice on a dummy round and see how that works-
thanks- for the input- i need to mimc a Ruth Seidler cake- My concern is that this is outside wedding in July- any ideas-
I am looking for the best way to paint on fondant- need to do flowers, tenderils and leaves- is free hand the best or is are there stenils that that can be impressed on the fondant to follow for a cleaner look- thanks
I just received one pound of Bakels gumpaste and I am playing around with it. Made some leaves about 15 hours ago and they still have not dried. According to the package I can add gum tragacanth to the product to aide in the drying the process. Is there a ratio? I received 1 pound. Also, does the gum trag. get added dried- Thanks-
Looking for a site that has wedding cake pans- any suggestions- thanks so much
Hello all- I am looking for a good resource for dessert foam recipes- ie. blueberry and vanilla yougurt. Any ideas- Thanks-
Avoid putting parsley and or mint with other herbs- they grow like weeds and will take over the other herbs-
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