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I too have the indispensable Weber charcoal kettle, which is incomparable for char grilling, but for weekday dinners, I also have a Weber Baby-Q gas grill.  With only two of us, the Q is a lifesaver.    For smoke flavoring, I prefer to use a cool smoker.  A very affordable electric cool smoker is the Luhr-Jensen Chief.  It is basically a mini smokehouse that is very effective for smoking sausage or delicate foods like fish and even mozzarella cheese.  Most foods...
:suprise: I like it, Nicko! It's a good move forward and I'll wait to see what Huddler comes up with when you release it before I make any critique, however, it's definitely going in the right direction! :bounce:
After some trial and error, I found that 3/4 canola oil and 1/4 extra virgin olive oil in my food processor mayonnaise recipe is the ideal flavor most general mayo uses, including remoulade, tartar sauce, and particularly chicken salad. The recipe I use also has white wine vinegar and lemon juice. Using pasteurized eggs at room temperature results in a very light and creamy product.:chef:
You posed a fascinating question, but I need more information: 1. Was 'cocktail sauce' actually a red sauce or was it a remoulade? 2. Was either shrimp wild or farm-raised? (The 'wild' shrimp are typically far more resourceful.) 3. Could either shrimp have been peeled? cleaned? deveined? 4. If any of line item 3 is 'yes', then was the tail shell 'on' or 'off'??? I can't claim credit for these penetrating questions. I assigned this problem to my crack staff of seafood... caught me in script revision! I confess! I read the thing over and didn't like the dramatic tension of "Todd". I turned Todd into "Rick" and I'm glad, but the specter of Todd has haunted me even today. I've buried my error by wiping out the last vestige of the ubiquitous Todd! Todd haunts me no more. :eek: He may live in your memory, but god knows, he'll never sully my mise en place, anon.
The Goose is Poached by D. White Wein; Copyright 2007 by D.W. Wein, all rights reserved. Scene 1: It's a large hard-tiled, beige, institutional room with squeaky, rusty, 1959 vintage folding chairs in a big semicircle. All but a few chairs are filled with uncomfortable people all in white (the chair is only part of the problem). [It's very quiet. A tall, bearded male figure, also in white, but with a gold medallion suspended from a blue ribbon around his neck,...
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