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You should try this:   http://www.soylent.nu/   It's supposed to have all the nutrients necessary.
It's a time-consuming process I think.  Boil the skins until they're very soft, scrape ALL the fat off the skin, dehydrate (very low-temp oven / dehydrator). Then deep fry, just like a prawn cracker.  I believe the momofuku cookbook has a recipe for that.
I find stretching the legs, arms and back in the morning really help, along with a few core exercises. Somewhat it helps maintain a correct posture.  I also try to avoid all kinds of sugary drinks (bottled juice, soda, etc.).  
I also like Yamasa, it's pretty good.  
Yes, it applies to Australia.  And it's 2 hours for hot food I think.
What about dry ice?  They're not too expensive.
The Mayo will melt / break at that temp. At 170°F, the eggs (and the meat) will definitely be cooked, breaking the emulsion.
As far as I know, once you have achieved perfect crackling on a pork belly, it's impossible (for me at least) to cool down & bring it up to that same level again.     Have you tried slow-cooking it, without crackling the skin, and finishing it during service?  For example, braise it uncovered at a low temp, cool it down, portion, then when you get the order, crisp up the skin in a hot oven.
Making custards, especially in quiches & tarts.
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