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So I'm thinking of getting a "laser" and stumbled upon the shibata kotetsu gyuto 240mm. It's not a typical gyuto, more like a kiritsuke. I was wondering if there's anyone who has had experience with that particular brand?
Oh I know! Take it out of the freezer, put it into the coolroom, preferably the day before.   Ok, I must admit, I don't really understand your query.
Mix it with some iceberg lettuce, kewpie mayo, avocado, jalapenos. Eat it on steamed rice. Add some tortilla chips on top if you want.
Maybe you could try contacting a plumber.
375F is too hot for fried chicken. By the time your chook is done, the outside is already burnt. Go with a lower temp, between 320-340F.   Flour is fine. 
Do you have any experience with sous-vide? If not, you could look into it.
Try having a standardized recipe, this way you can scale it up or down, and working by weight will make it a lot more accurate.   For example, how do you measure your 10% salt solution?  Do you measure, say, 1 kg water, add 100g salt, then add your potatoes?   A consistent way would be to measure both, water & potato, then add your salt, this way your salinity level is always consistent.
Just be honest about the work you've done, and it won't be a problem. Bullshitting about your abilities could easily land you in dangerous waters.
I once added a bit of leftover alfredo sauce to finish off an indian curry. It was glorious!
Generally, if you have air pockets in your pasta, they are more likely to burst open when cooking. 
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