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Do you have any experience with sous-vide? If not, you could look into it.
Try having a standardized recipe, this way you can scale it up or down, and working by weight will make it a lot more accurate.   For example, how do you measure your 10% salt solution?  Do you measure, say, 1 kg water, add 100g salt, then add your potatoes?   A consistent way would be to measure both, water & potato, then add your salt, this way your salinity level is always consistent.
Just be honest about the work you've done, and it won't be a problem. Bullshitting about your abilities could easily land you in dangerous waters.
I once added a bit of leftover alfredo sauce to finish off an indian curry. It was glorious!
Generally, if you have air pockets in your pasta, they are more likely to burst open when cooking. 
The only time I ever use a meat fork is to carve a roast, or to turn spaghetti to make it look good on the plate. Tongs, imo, are way more versatile.
3pm-11pm. 5 days a week. paid overtime. 5 weeks annual leave.
You should try this:   http://www.soylent.nu/   It's supposed to have all the nutrients necessary.
It's a time-consuming process I think.  Boil the skins until they're very soft, scrape ALL the fat off the skin, dehydrate (very low-temp oven / dehydrator). Then deep fry, just like a prawn cracker.  I believe the momofuku cookbook has a recipe for that.
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