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We are still going after weddings as well and we are thinking of opening up the kitchen fro classes as well. The thing is, is that the budgets are down.
The smell of ham sausage takes me all the way back to preschool. Takes me back more than 30 years. Iloved that sauges. When I lived in Virginia I found that same sausage in Walmart, haven't seen it sense....:lips: My husband says his is hotdogs at the boys club. He had no money to buy them and he would be there all day other kids eating hotdogs.....
Juan Valdez???? Just kidding I couldn't help myself, sounds interesting.
Dare I say it but I use lard for roux when making gumbo. I also have to have it in tamales. No frigging gourmet tamales for me.
It will freeze fine because thats the same recipe I use minus the spices. No problem.
:cool:Check out BJ's wholesale 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 44:lol: made my day with that story. I will say however, I guess the operators are suppossed to be sort of like a blank canvas, because they can't relay emotions. They are automotro robotic almost. Don't worry like you said not every blind or deaf person knows each other, so the list should be short!
Been gone for a while, but check this out Paper Mart Packaging Store - CARRY OUT BOXES A lot of times I will check here first and compare to nashville and Jetro.
I probably would have told her I had an equipment failure and left it at that. Nobody wants to know the dirty details of why I "screwed up" just what I'm going to do about it. I think I would have given a full refund and an apology.
Sorry about being gone, the cupcake stands are in store, I didn't even know they had a site!
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