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I have a Breville grill which has lasted me for almost 10 years now.  The model is discontinued but there are new models.  Mine has flat plates which allow it to cook quesadillas, warm up pizza etc.
I have heard of people using the burner from a turkey fryer.  Vic's way of getting the burner higher is nice, I need to add that to my "idea to try" list.
I agree with Pete about preferring to grill the burgers outside.  If you do cook them inside, using a cast iron skillet helps get a good seared crust.
I see grill marks, could you describe the temperature and time you did the ribs?  I want to know more, gas or charcoal etc., I like the pic and would like more info about how you did those nice looking ribs.
I take the husk off, then wrap in foil with a little butter.  I keep watching for the roadside corn stands to pop up!
I grill year round, however in the summer when the vegetables are just picked, it's hard to beat corn on the cob from a farmer's roadside stand.  There is a place as I drive into our town which has fresh corn picked daily.  And the farmers markets, when I see something that just says "Eat Me!"  
I will look for the Reserve and give that a try.  Thanks for the help, now I'm getting hungry for a good burger! 
How does it compare to Tillamok Extra Sharp?  I love a nice sharp cheddar on my burgers.
What's your recipe?  I had a good one written down but lost it.  It still wasn't as good as my cousin's, she made perfect fry bread.
Grilled chicken wings tossed in Frank's Hot Sauce with blue cheese sauce on the side, which I am cooking this Friday!  How about freshly picked sweet corn off the grill?  Greek God's Honey yogurt with fresh raspberries?  Deep fried cheese curds from the state fair?  It's hard to pick just one.
New Posts  All Forums: