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I second BDL - Vollrath for bang-for-buck.  But if you can get folks to buy you All-Clad, why not?
OK.  According to the manual, what I have is intended for canning as well as cooking.   And I haven't killed anybody.   Yet.
First I've heard of this.  Is there some reason to believe that when my pressure cooker says it's working at 15 psi that it is not actually doing so?  I certainly lack the means to test this for myself.  Everything I've done with my pressure cooker has pretty much conformed with my expectations of how it would work.  Is there really a problem with pressure cookers being way off base?
A few cent's worth:   Before I had a refrigerator with a decent freezer, I regularly canned my stock in a pressure cooker (a fairly old 8-quart Mirro) - worked like a charm.   The distinction between "stock" and "broth" should be very far down on your list of things to be concerned about.   Slow cookers are terrific for making stock.  So are pressure cookers.  I've been using the latter lately for "bone bag" stock.  It makes a cloudy stock, but unless you're...
Vietnamese stuffed squid.  Make a forcemeat with the tentacles, ground pork, bean thread noodles, lemon grass, black pepper, fish sauce; stuff the squid bodies with it, fry or grill till done, slice into rings, serve with nuoc cham dipping sauce & lettuce/herbs a la Vietnamese egg rolls (imperial rolls, crab rolls, whatever).   Haven't made it in years but it's mighty good & certainly different.
Don't know how many times I've heard this:  "Yeah, we really love it here, it's just great!  Don't miss LA at all!!! (coupla beats, then, somberly:) Except Trader Joe's.  Really miss Trader Joe's..."   Milk, eggs, cheese, coffee, WINE... King Arthur AP or whole wheat, $3/5 lbs, three kinds of Callebaut chocolate $5/half kilo... (the latter two sold in Trader Joe's packaging).  I usually get produce & meat elsewhere, though.  They do have excellent frozen fish.
Not all sesame oil is the Asian seasoning type.  The "health food" untoasted stuff is pretty expensive.  Btw, anyone check Amazon?   I've visited my (foodie) sister in Miami many times & am always amazed at the Publix monopoly.  Seems like a pretty good store, but damn, as far as supermarkets go, it's the only game in town.
BDL - this skordalia is the garlic paste at Zankou Chicken? (SoCal reference)?   Nevermind, just looked it up myself:  yes it is, apparently.
This blog has fantastic recipes for Indian no-oil lemon & lime pickle.  I do mine in my gas oven w/pilot light (103 f, as it turns out); takes about 4 weeks.   Life with out lime (or lemon) pickle is just existence.  I adore this stuff, & not just with Indian food; I can now no longer imagine a BLT without it.
Coconut milk makes terrific ice cream.   Also, attacking the problem from the other direction, there's been a fair bit in the news lately about the massive over-diagnosis of food allergies.  Get a second opinion.
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